I need ideas on ways to sleep! I’ve always been a stomach sleeper or side sleeper now I can’t get comfy at all! I’m 1day PO and just want to sleep! 

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  • I am too! I am also at day 1. Can you borrow a pregnancy/body pillow from someone? I am using that and some other pillows in it. It’s really comfy. I am still having a hard time sleeping just with all the drugs and soreness and positioning - hence my replying to this at 3am. 😂 but the more propped up I am, the better I feel! 

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  • I'm still having difficulty getting comfortable sleeping and I'm 5 weeks post op! I was a stomach sleeper too. I'm not in any pain. I guess I'm not used to having boobs to think about when I'm trying to get to sleep. I'm sure it'll get easier for all of us with time!😊

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  • I am thirteen days post op, stomach sleeper here too, and I was struggling to have a decent night's sleep until last night. I have a pregnancy pillow which helps, but I am so tired of trying to arrange pillows throughout the night to find a comfy position. My doctor finally had to give me sleeping pills to get a restful night.  I hope things get better for us all soon!

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  • I try to walk around right before bed for 10 min then lay down and shove a pillow on one side of my butt just to be a little on my side to give my poor booty some relief! 

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  • I am also a tummy sleeper. I’ve actually done ok in a recliner. I have pillow on one side which seems to help. 

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  • I am a stomach sleeper too, I did ok last night (operation day) in a recliner with a reading pillow, neck pillow and reclined all the way back. It is very hard to get up out of it, I had a BA and BL so my incisions are KILLING ME, so I had to have hubs push me from the back to get up. 

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