I鈥檓 4wpo and itching. It鈥檚 not sure near the scars but sides as well. Normal? 

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  • Totally normal! I went through an itchy time period I thought I would claw my implants out 馃槀 I used coconut oil mixed with a drop of peppermint oil and it was very soothing but DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT get it near your incisions! I do not think it would feel good! Also do not use more than a drop of peppermint oil...it鈥檚 also used to bring down a fever but can also bring down body temps! Let is more 鈽猴笍 hope that helps! 

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  • I鈥檓 two wpo and they itch all the time. The scars at first when the started initially healing but more so the actual breasts themselves. I do use coconut oil but not to stop the itching I more use it so I don鈥檛 develop stretch marks, I try to just massage them instead of actually itching them. I鈥檓 going on for my next post op appt Monday and plan on getting tips so if I get any new advice I鈥檒l repost 

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  • Right totally normal. I鈥檓 3 years postop and my scars still goes they itchy stages. 

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  • Omg I鈥檓 2 wpo and was just googling about this last night because I couldn鈥檛 sleep because of the itchiness. I found an article that says is because 鈥淎s the skin around the incision heals, patients often experience a burning or itching feeling鈥 the article also said to drink water and keep yourself hydrated and to not consume alcohol. I think in my case thr alcohol part is true because I drank yesterday for the first time after surgery and they were itching like crazy.

    This is the link:

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    • Sara Benero I was wondering the connection between alcohol and itchiness as well.  I drank some red wine and I know the histamines in wine can do that!  Good point!

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  • Totally normal! Itching and burning is a sign of healing. I鈥檓 19DPO and have had it off and on. I also had the same with my c-section. I鈥檝e noticed the more hydrated I am the less they itch and I second the no alcohol thing. I drank literally like 2oz of red wine for the first time on Friday after being cleared by my PS and my breasts itched/burned the worst so far in the 12 hours that followed. 

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