8 days post-op tummy tuck, drain is still slowly draining dark red blood

Up to my 5 day post-op follow up appt, my drainage was decreasing down to 10ml/day. The doc looked at my drain (I only have 1) and said the blood was too dark colored to remove, would check in another week. I'm massaging every hour, using a heating pad, stripping the drain tube every hour, wearing a compression garment 24/7... The color still hasn't changed and just send to be draining so slowly. Is there anything else I can do to get things moving? Thank you!!

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  • Somehow I missed your post.  I apologize.  This may be all resolved by now.  I suspect what he or she was worried about was if you had a collection of old blood in there called a hematoma.  It's like a bruise but not all diffuse throughout skin and more focal or isolated.  This may be kind of gross if you don't see this stuff all day but blood starts as a liquid, then congeals like jello, then liquefies as the body tries to break it down.  My guess is that he or she wanted to leave the drain in knowing those steps would happen to see if the liquefied portion would come out of the drain.  Nothing much you can do other than wait and massage to get this happening faster.  Hope you're all better!

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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton Thank you so much! That's exactly what happened haha - appreciate your response!

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