Silicone or Saline, which is better for over the muscle placement?

I am borderline for a lift but have chosen to only have a BA. I am going over the muscle and I have good breast tissue. Ladies did your surgeon ever advise only using saline for over the muscle placement? My surgeon explained that with silicone has a greater risk of capsular contracture. However, I see so many ladies with silicone going over the muscle. Any insight to your experience would be so appreciated! 

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  • Hello! When I was considering going over the muscle, my surgeon stated that there was a higher chance for capsularly contracture in general, but didnt norrow it down to the implant type. He did mention that in people with less breast tissue, salene had a higher chance of showing visable ripples so that was more my deciding factor, but it doesn't sound like that's a problem for ya! Good luck!

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      Kaitlin Michelle  thank you. Did you end up going over the muscle with silicone? If so have you had any issues?

    • Ale888 I did not, I ended up going under with silicone just because I wanted a larger implant and I did not have much tissue to start so he said on me it would look more natural to go under. My friend who went with the same surgeon did get silicone over the muscle, she is about a year and a half post op with no issues and she went 455cc! 

  • Hi there. I’m just returning from surgery this morning. I have silicone over the muscle. Wanted to look and feel super natural so my dr decided silicone would help me achieve my desired results πŸ˜‡ 

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  • I am scheduled for November 22nd, going over the muscle, ideal saline implants. My surgeon would not even consider going over the muscle with silicone. She told me that the risk of capsular contracture was greater with silicone. However, I see a lot of people do and they are fine. I have enough breast tissue and I love her work, so I am going to trust her. 

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