Can I take out cc's in my Ideal implants and reinsert??


Hi! I have 270cc Ideal saline implants overfilled to 300. I think they're too big for me. Also I don't like the high-profile shape but Ideals only come in one shape, otherwise I would have chosen a low profile. 

Anyway, is it worth it to ask my PS to take out 30cc's in each implant? Can he do that safely? Then implant won't be overfilled, is that OK? Is it a minor procedure? I've already had to have a revision surgery in March to remove a ton of scar tissue. This was 6 months post first surgery. My implants weren't dropping into the pocket so this corrective  surgery helped. I wish asked to go smaller then because that would have been the perfect time right? But now I'm trying to understand my options, including getting a third surgery to use 250cc implants which i think would be much better 

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    30ccs is only 2 tablespoons of fluid / 1 fluid ounce. Do you think that will be enough to remove to get you where you want to to be. Another visual... It's about 2/3 of a shot glass worth of fluid.

  • For what it’s worth, I think they look awesome

  • What Alicia said! It is also not a good idea to not overfill salines. It leaves you with a higher risk of rippling and rupture. Maybe even risk of breaking a sterile barrier. If you want them smaller I would start over with a new augmentation. However, I think they look amazing and very fitting on you! 

  • So it always makes sense to me to talk to your surgeon and ask what he or she thinks.  In short, yes it is possible to remove and add fluid to any saline implant.  This can be done under local anesthesia in the office.  You would NOT have to go to sleep.  I actually always overfill a saline implant to prevent rippling and an underfilled saline implant in my hands is not a good look.  I would not go smaller than 270 in a 270 cc implant.  Good luck.  Hope this helps!


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