Mommy Makeover with Muscle repair (return to driving question)

I'm having my mommy makeover next month and I wanted to see how long it was until others were cleared to drive. My 4yo's school is only 4 miles to and from my house, and I may only have help until PO day 8. My husband works for the school board at a different school (so he cant take him), and my oldest goes to a different school via bus. So my surgery is the 25th of Sept., do you think ill be able to do that short drive by 10/3, the 8th day after surgery? I appreciate any advice! 

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  • It depends on a couple of things. One, if you are still on pain meds - no, you won't be cleared. Two, it depends how you are doing. On day 8 I was very sore and still not comfortable driving. My doctor cleared me at 2 weeks but I drove at Day 11 since I was off of pain meds. I drove with a pillow over my chest and tummy to calm my fear of impact. Again, it's all about the pain and meds.

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  • I had surgery on a Friday, had my last pain pill Sunday morning, and drove my kids to school from Monday on. It wasnโ€™t the most comfortable experience but completely doable! 

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    • Rachael Did you have a tummy tuck as well as breast augmentation? 

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      HambyBoyMom88 I did not. Iโ€™ve hear recovery with that takes longer as far as sitting and driving comfortably. 

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  • I was driving by day 8, a little nerve racking at first but totally doable. 

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  • I drove at 2 weeks but it was still uncomfortable 

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  • Thank you everyone! 

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