415cc OVERS Recovery thread

Hey y’all! It’s so hard to find information about overs so I thought I would share my recovery!


STATS: 5’4 around 126-132lbs on any given day. Nurses four babies and had glorious boobs. They deflated to maybe a 34B. Still had quite a bit of tissue, but not pretty. Decided on 415cc Sientra Highly cohesive silicone gels with a mod+ profile. I wish I knew my BWD, but I don’t remember it. 


Why I chose overs: Many reasons! First of all, I did TONS of research. Listened to tons of podcasts, all the reading, all the pictures. I thought overs would be good for me because I’m a CrossFit Coach and Box owner by career, have four young children at home, and my husband is gone right now for his job. I was also “boarderline” on a lift. I needed the EASIEST recovery possible. I went to the Consultations. Two agreed overs were best to fill the breast without needing a lift. It would also give me an easier recovery with less concerns about displacement or rupture when I lifted. One would only do unders in every single circumstance, which rubbed me the wrong way. Went with PS #1.


Day 1: Terrified of anesthesia. Almost backed out. Couldn’t stop crying. My anesthesiologists and nurses were amazing. Was basically asleep by the time they got me on the delivery bed, and I woke up just feeling a little groggy. The night before and four hours before surgery, they had me take gabapentin and Celebrex along with a patch for nausea. I declined pain meds after waking up and only took tylenol (my PS does not prescribe narcotics but did offer Percocet or Hydracodine (sp?) for a one-time pain control options directly after surgery. I didn’t need it. Had some water and a Diet Coke 😂 once I was fully awake, they wheeled me down to the car, and my sister and I grabbed lunch on the way home. Kept the food down just fine! Surgery was at 9am and took about 2 hours due to the fact that my breasts apparently thought I still needed to nurse and had milk in them despite not having nursed my youngest since Dec.


Currently laying in bed because I feel obligated, but I can easily get around with little to no pain. Keeping up with Tylenol and Celebrex during the day, and I’ll take the gabapentin before bed to sleep. Have to sleep sitting up, and I have to wear the surgical bra for a month. I get to see them tomorrow at my check up, and I can shower in 48 hours!


I’ll keep you updated. 

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  • Welcome to the overs club! Happy healing girl 🤞❤

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  • Day 2; Still feeling great. I got to see them today! Post-op went well. If anything, I feel TOO good. It’s hard to remember to take it easy. I have to wear my surgical bra 24/7 except for showers the next two weeks, and then at least half the day after two weeks. 

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  • Feeling super restless today! Four days post op. I am used to working out every day. My kids are sick of being inside, and I’m up four pounds 😭😬 I’ve been kind of eating whatever these past few days as my stomach was sick from antibiotics. Time to rein it in! Hoping this week goes by quickly. 

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  • Hi I am very curious how you’re feeling and liking everything at this point because we have nearly the exact same stats and I’m getting overs in 8 weeks.. just can’t decide what size between 400-450. I’m 5’6, 125, deflated C, 3 nursed babies. ☺️

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      shaunacastellanos I feel great and love them so much. Have some residual tenderness, but feeling pretty close to 100%! 

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