Red stretchmarks

I recently got a BA about 4 months ago 375cc & I鈥檓 so sad because i have stretch marks all over and they are sooo bad. I can鈥檛 even wear v cut blouses because they are that stretched out. I鈥檓 only 21 has anyone else has severe stretchmarks ? How long until they turned white or what can i treat them with. I鈥檓 also Latina so I鈥檓 tan if that matters 

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  • I have stretch mark already because I used to have boobs.. so I鈥檓 used to them.  I did get the Booby Butter to help prevent new ones when I get my bl/ba

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  • My friend (also latina) got red stretchmarks on hers after ba too. She showed her surgeon as soon as she noticed and he had her put oil on them multiple times a day and they went away completely. 

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  • You can treat them with bio oil or cocoa butter. I鈥檓 Latina as well and I鈥檝e had stretch marks all over my breasts as well way before the implants. Mine are white however once I am healed and can shower normally again I plan on using bio oil to help with any new ones that may appear after the surgery. Don鈥檛 be discouraged, you will find what style of low cut things work best for you. 

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