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how long after getting implants do you start wearing a bra and whats the best bra to wear for the first time after you heal

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  • Every PS has their own set of guidelines, but mine put me in a non-underwire bra 2 or 3 weeks after surgery. I found the softest, most durable & supportive bras at Aerie鈥檚 in the mall. I kept my incisions covered with silicon strips from the drugstore to promote scar healing as well. Best of luck to you!

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  • Every PS will tell you something different. Mine told me the first 6 weeks I can go braless or wear whatever I want, as long as it isn't underwire. He said after my 6 week postop I should be able to wear underwire and push up as well. I just bought a couple of sports bras to wear for recovery

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  • I think for me it was 6 weeks. At first my doc had me in a surgical bra that they provided for maybe 1-3 weeks (I can't remember), then they gave me two sports type bras (they provided them but they were from Target) until 6 weeks. After that I could go bra shopping, which I did the day of my 6 weeks appointment. Surprisingly, bra shopping at the 6 week mark wasn't that fun for me because the girls were still pretty swollen and firm, and most of the bras (ESPECIALLY the ones in Victoria's Secret) fit uncomfortably.  I ended up scoring really big at Macys and getting some underwire Calvin Klein and Warnaco bras on sale, and some unlined DKNY bralette sets on sale, and ordering more from CK online. Those were the most comfy for me because they were soft and the underwire fit just right. I don't know what was going on with the VS bras... they were itchy, odd fitting and uncomfortable. Now that my girls are squishy and soft I can fit some of my old VS bras that I couldn't fill out before. I imagine if I went back now, and funny because I have not tried on bras there since, they would probably look and fit better because my girls aren't so swollen anymore. Now that they are more squishy and soft they fit better into a lot more things. 

  • i just order sports bras from academy that my friend told me to get that are really good . so i got 4 of them till i can get in bras right... i got 1 week left my surgery is on the 16th in 7 days .... i cant wait but nerves as well ...

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