Anyone with experience with second surgery?

I expressed not being happy with my results since the first week after surgery and now that I鈥檓 almost 3 months I got quoted $1200 per implant and $3400 for anesthesia and the OR room. The surgeon is taking off his surgical fee which is $2000 off from what I originally paid so I鈥檓 still looking at $5800 for the exchange. Does that seem fair? Anyone who鈥檚 been through a revision let me know!

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  • Hello Lyza, I am almost 4mpo and my left breast implant is stuck up too high! My right breast implant dropped and fluffed nicely but when you look at me it looks like I need a breast augmentation?? I have seen my PS and he said it is too early. Wait another 3 months come into the office and will see then. PS didn't say it is capsular contracture but it is. He may be able to drop down the implant on the left side. He asked about the size am I happy with them I said "No" I told him in the beginning I wanted 6 to 700cc because of my size and the length of my chest there isn't any volume below my collar bone. He insists going 100cc more will not make a difference but if I want 600cc he said there will be more problems. He said he would be able to do the drop-down for nothing but if I want to exchange my implants there may be a small cost which he didn't know so talk to his nurse about that! I had 425cc silicone round put under the muscle. I am 5'6" 199lbs. with a long chest frame. Let me know what you think?  :)

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  • Sounds right.  They usually don鈥檛 waive anesthesia fees.  Those are often separate.  And you鈥檇 still have to pay for a new implant since it鈥檚 a size preference and not an implant issue.  

    You might be able to get it covered  if You chose a size and the surgeon put it something other than what you agreed on.  

    Stinks you鈥檙e not happy. 馃槴馃挄

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  • My surgeon filled my existing saline implants with more saline 6 months post po for free and then exchanged them for larger implants a year later for $800. I love them now! 

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  • I know you dont want to hear this but I would give it alittle more time. You're still early on and are probably sitting high still.  My boobs actually did get bigger after the drop and fluff , I'm about 8 months po but by 6 I was dropped. I know they got bigger because I went and shopped to early for Bras and those did not fit me by the time I was 6 months.  After the 6 months if you still really want to go bigger than of course do it after all you paid for them and should be happy. I do know that most take off their fee but you're still responsible for the implants and the anesthesia as it's an exchange and not a complication covered by the manufacturer. Good luck on whatever you decide though. 

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  • I paid 4200 for my exchange, discounted from over 6000 ( what someone I know paid for the same implants) I went with my original surgeon

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  • My surgeon waives all fees with exception of anesthesia if one of his clients is unhappy with his work/size or if there is a complication. However, this is NOT common and definitely something that should be asked about prior to selecting a surgeon.


    Additionally, my anesthesiologist charges $300/hr (according to her BA's take approx. 3 hours), total of $900 for revisions/complications. And perhaps its the make and model of implant, but I was quoted $500 per implant on my original consultation. Also, I'm located in Hawaii, which is one of the more pricey areas to get a BA.

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  • My PS said implant exchanges are generally a more expensive surgery than just implants.  I forget why.  But he discounted me a bunch and got me down to about that price, so seems legit to me.

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  • Hey! I am having a revision & was going to make a post about this as well. My right implant is bottoming out, due to me using my arms like two days after surgery & tearing the internal stitches open. So I knew I鈥檇 need a revision & I figured why not exchange to a bigger size. I didn鈥檛 want to be too big so we decided on 325cc & as of right now I鈥檓 not happy with the size & want bigger. I鈥檓 only 3 months post op so I know I still have time to drop & fluff so I can deal with that when I get there. Anyways, revision with implant exchange I鈥檓 being charged 4K...that鈥檚 only 1300$ off of what I initially paid.. it is 3k for the revision with no implant exchange. It only makes sense to pay the extra 1000$ to be happy at the end of the day. I did think that was kind of a lot. I was really hoping it was 2k or under, I鈥檓 really jealous of the women that got theirs paid for 鈽癸笍

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      Torrxoxo I know I will be looking at revision surgery too!  I wanted bigger in the beginning but my PS didn't want to give me what I wanted. Now he is saying to go up 100cc won't make a difference. PS gave me 425cc so 525cc won't make a difference so I should have gotten 600cc as I wanted. The price for this the jury is still out on! Check out my pics and tell me what you think??

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