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I'm 60 and just scheduled my BL/BA today for Oct 22. I'm 5/5" about 240, size 40C, so I'm kind of a big girl. I am perfectly healthy and according to my PCP, there is no known reason why I should not have this done FOR ME!. I am having 480 cc Natrelle SRF silicone/gummy bear implants. But with my size I am not sure that will be enough. I tried on 450 and 480 at the consult today but still unsure. Any other plus size girls out there that give me guidance?

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    • 5'2" - 215 - BWD: 14 - 38B to 40D / 650cc Mentor Smooth Round HP Silicone - Dual Plane - Crease Incision - 12/20/18
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    Hi! I'm 5'2" currently 235. I began at a 38B and went with 650cc silicone HP. I am currently a 42C in Torrid Bras... 40D-DD in other bras. It's difficult to give advice without seeing your current photos and a wish pic to see what your ideal outcome would be. 

    Attached my before and afters for reference.

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  • I am 5โ€™5โ€ and was 175lbs at surgery. Currently 182lbs and 5 mo PO. I was a small B before surgery, currently DDD in most bras.  I have 750/800cc 

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  • I'm a plus size 'older' woman as well. In my opinion you will have boob greed if you don't go bigger than you think. BUT keep in mind, the larger implant the PS uses, the quicker you will sag in the future!!๐Ÿ˜ฎ. So with that in mind, you have to decide what is more important? I think you will be thrilled either way!

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  • Congratulations!  I just turned 62 and having mine done next week!

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  • I'm 5'5 200 pounds currently. One month post op with 540ccs. My PS originally wanted to go with closer to 450 to475ccs but I really wanted the max size my body would allow. I've got about 5 months to go with drop and fluff final results but I have gone from 38c to 38ddd(according to my most recent bra purchase . I got moderate plus since I'm a bigger gal. High profile would not have given me a full natural look. So far I'm in love!! 

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  • Happy for you hun!!! It's an amazing experience!!!! You'll see!!! Best of luck!:) 

  • 7 days until my BA. Anxious, nervous, undecided...did I go too big, will I regret it, etc. I decided on 560cc Natrelle SRF silicone implants. under the muscle.

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