Hello! Was wondering if my right breast (your left in pic) will round out in shape? I had a little asymmetry to begin with but my surgeon said it’d be less noticeable with implants. It has a flat spot that feels empty on the bottom half of the my right boob. My left seems to be in good position and I love it and am hoping my right will catch up-do you think it’s possible? I had my BA 4/12/19 and got 485 cc teardrops under the muscle. 

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  • At nearly 8 weeks, you still can expect some change in a good way.  May want to try and massage that side down and 'in' a bit.  Is possible!

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  • Am I allowed to with textured ones? I was told no and then yes by my PS office but my doctor has said before not to massage. Communication in that office is horrible so I never truly get a straight answer! 

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  • Did yours round out ? One of mine is round and the other isn’t 😭

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  • This post was brought forward and I reread it.  I'm seeing you have anatomic implants for the first time.  Ehhh.....if it isn't better, it's likely rotated.  That needs to be corrected in the OR.  Sorry and keep us posted--apologies for not reading more carefully first time.

    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
    (Bustmob members get a $500 travel voucher 🙂)

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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton hi there. Hate to steal the spotlight from the original poster, but I have similar concerns. I have 385 round smooth over the muscle. On one of my breasts it almost looks like it has a flat spot in the middle but rounded on the outside. Should this be a concern? I just noticed it today. I should mention I am going on 7 weeks post op (Thursday)

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    • Kayla Marie Hard to know without a photo, do you want to send one?  Also what type of round implant do you have?  For example, if it is Allergan, is it the responsive or R series or the S--soft touch, or the C--highly cohesive.  I know it's confusing, there are about a million types it seems. 

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  • In some pictures it looks more rounded and others not so much lol that is the side that has a lump that the ps office ladies told me was more than likely scar tissue. It’s hard to get answers from them because communication is lacking and I’m out of state so I can’t just drop in. I have only spoken to my plastic surgeon a total of 10 minutes through this whole process so it’s frustrating to have to rely solely on his staff for guidance. They don’t seem worried about it and said that at a year I’d only be 80% healed to wait and see and it’s probably just my anatomy. 

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  • Frustrating regarding the communication. Could you set up a FaceTime or Skype consult with the surgeon?  When you do, ask about the upper outer aspect near your arm on that side.  It's possible that's the tip of the implant and its rotated.  It may be hard for him or her to tell through video but would be nice to try.  May also be weird to be half naked on video...but these are the things we all deal with when trying to figure out how to be good doctors to folks who live further away. To be sure the process isn't perfect.

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      Dr. Michelle Roughton thank you I’ll reach out and see what he says. Usually I have no access to him just his staff but will see it the office manager can help me. Thanks again I appreciate your advice! 

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  • Reached out via e-mail being as I couldn’t get anyone to return calls. Office manager responded within an hour to let me know they look great no issues and it’s because of how I looked before as to why they sit how they do. Rather dismissive and I’m pretty sure she didn’t talk to the surgeon but can’t say I’m surprised. She was the one that was supposed to do my postop appointment the following day, but forgot and left me waiting at a closed office. When I called her about it, she said oh goodness I forgot. So I haven’t been seen by a doctor/staff since he placed my implants. Fingers crossed all is well and can get into see him sometime in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

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  • I’m 3WPO and I am noticing a similar flatness on the left breast, inner/bottom side. Getting nervous that it won’t look round when it’s done healing, but I also know that it’s way early in the healing process - so just trying to give it the benefit of the doubt and be patient. Most of my bruising has all healed up, but that section is still sore and slightly purple. So, I’m thinking it was a stubborn area for them when creating the pocket. Believing for the best!

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