BA too small and far apart

Hi Dr Roughton, 

I had mentioned to you my concern that both areola are smaller(which was a surprise) and uneven (which was another unhappy surprise), you mentioned at this point this is normal and could even out with time. I am waiting impatiently. Fingers crossed!! 

I am also upset that the PS made the decision to put small implants (355MP) because of my small frame (5'8" 130#) He said he will exchange them in 6mo if I want. I don't have cleavage I was told because of my anatomy (I have a wide sternum). I feel my breasts need to drawn more center. If I have them made bigger would that help? Honestly I am not happy with the size and look of my areola and small size of implants. This surgery is a lot to go through on many levels, but would all be worth it if the outcome was what I expected. I tried so hard to show him exactly what I wanted, even showed him a picture before going into surgery, not sure how the communication breakdown happened. 

I attached 3 photos. I didn't want to send them before because I thought they looked so bad, I am embarrassed. And upset with myself that I made the wrong decision on the PS even after years of looking for him ugh  So wish I would have found this site before I had made the decision! 

Excuse the crinkles on the breasts,(from the telfa dressings). 

Also can I ask you your opinion on post care to help incisions heal asap and not scar? My right breast is healing as expected, but right is slow. Also best to wear a post op bra 24/7?

Thank you

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    • Onicaleigh3
    • Stats: 34Ato34C/5'8/130lbs/11.5bwd + 285cc MP Smooth Round Silicone
    • alleigh3
    • 2 mths ago
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    Obv I'm not Dr. Roughton, BUT, as someone with the same stats as you, with the wideness issue, it'll only get WORSE the bigger you go. Maybe if the implant was too narrow for your bwd, going with the same volume or higher but with a low to moderate profile can help. All I know is that from personal experience and others I've seen on here, they just look sillier the bigger you go, cause they just stick outward making it more noticeable.

  • Okie dokie.  I am sorry this is late getting back to you.  #1 this is going to get better.  It's so early your implants are high and not dropped so you don't have as much cleavage as you will going forward.  #2 Impossible to say for sure without more standard photos and your preop picture but I suspect your nipples could have been brought 'in' more.  I don't believe there is a magic scar cream because most creams can't penetrate intact skin.  For the money and hypoallergenic nature, Jenny Eden 's scar salve is your best bet.  I think Bustmob members get a discount too.  Use it twice a day.  Temperature and pressure is our best way to modify scars and during the application you'll rub it in firmly.  It stays in place providing increased temperature.  I don't think you have to be in a bra 24/7.  But just something to help you feel comfortable.  If you would like to sleep braless I think that's fine. Good luck.  Remember this is going to improve!


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
    (Bustmob members get a $500 travel voucher πŸ™‚)

      • cj007
      • cj007
      • 2 mths ago
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      Dr. Michelle Roughton 

      Thank you Dr Roughton, 

      No hurry worry... With all that's going on, Im just grateful you are still here for me/us.

       Glad to hear they will get better!! I will have to practice patience. lol 

      Interesting they charge so much (PS office) for these scars creams that cant even penetrate intact skin. 

      I was wondering if you have seen this... My right breast healed almost immediately, Can barely see the incision, but my left breast is slow to heal. I can still feel the stitches and it gets red and irritated in areas on the incision off and on. Why would one breast heal so fast and the other slow? Could there be an irritant left in the breast? How would I know? 

      Thank you

      Have a great day! 

    • cj007 You wouldn't know but I've never heard of an irritant like that.  I suspect it'll all even out soon.  I can't think of a reason why one would heal faster the other.  Just chance I guess.

  • Thank you! 😊

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