My boobs settled too low

My boobs settled way to low for having a lift I feel like. They’re just as saggy as before, but bigger now. And my nipples are too high. They always pop out of bras and swimsuits. How can I fix it? Attached is now, and when they were at my fav during healing. 

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  • I would redo your lift focusing on taking out tissue at the bottom of the breast.  Look up 'smile mastopexy'.  That's essentially what I'm talking about.  That'll bring your nipples down and remove some more of your own tissue which can achieve a more round/high look.  That pic post op is amazing.  You did settle A LOT!


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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton cool! That’s what my surgeon said too....  but I’m awake for the procedure. Is that normal?? 

    • Breastaug101 Can be.  I've done it that way. I would put in a 'whole bunch' of numbing medicine and then just excise the skin.  I think that will help a lot.  Good luck!  Consider posting pics here eventually.  It'll help others to see your progression.

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