Is it just me???


Hi ladies! Long time, no speak!


*Pre-op:  Deflated 34B

*Post-op: 34D/DD (pics)

*Implants: 400cc Mentor Mod Plus Textured Teardrop Gummy Bear Silicone

*135 lbs ⭐ 5'9 tall

*Surgery:  February 2019


I'm currently about 1 & 1/2 yrs post-op and loving my boobies! I always dreamed of big boobs since my teen years, so after popping out some kids, I finally did it! ⭐Ever since my surgery, although very happy with my results, I've consistently wished I had gone a little bigger in CCs. My PS insisted that the MAX he'd recommend while still looking natural was 400cc. Rather than push it, I went with it and I'm a 34D which was my goal size, or so I thought...


I definitely wish I would've gone 450cc - 550cc for that extra cup size or so. Specifically when I'm braless. It seems I only have my desired results when I'm wearing a bra!??! And I really, really wanted to wear bra less...ya know?


⭐(Pics are with sports bra under stretchy tank. The look beautiful braless, just not as full & busty)


I've already spent $7k on my boobs...explaining this to my hubby gets him so confused because he thinks they're already incredible! (Which they are!) He totally doesn't get it and quite frankly, will take much convincing to get on board for an implant exchange down the road ☺ But that's exactly what I want. I want to exchange my implants for larger ones, sooner than later, but how do I justify another $3-5k surgery?


Am I just being vain?

Do you feel this way?

Have you considered an exchange?

Does your hubby understand?

Am I just being silly?

Is it worth the additional money?

Am I just being picky?

How much is too much/not enough?


I'd love to hear your thoughts ladies. You might be able to help clear my head and figure this out lol ❤

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  • You are far from vein! I’m only 1 month post op but I think after so long we get use to the “bigger boobs” seeing them everyday. I’m currently 405CC and I tell myself constantly I should have went bigger......I think the concept is as we get older our bodies change with hormones and such and we aren’t are 20’s or 30 year old selfs anymore and what we once thought was huge is FAR from it! I plan to keep these ladies for awhile but I know as I age I will go bigger with time! I spent almost 13k (damn lifts) and I know the bigger you go the quicker you are to “sag” more! I think we start to miss the hard and squishy faze of “new”’s an addiction....we constantly want to look our best selfs! Tight shirts I’m like damn girl.......lose shirts and I’m not even fazed! You look stunning! Know that! Don’t mind the “goo” on my bra as it’s my scar gel.......I love them! I really do but eventually I’ll go bigger! 

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      Cborck yep, yours look gorgeous babe! And you're totally right. We do always want the best and more! Lol


      I definitely do miss those high, swollen new implants, all full and big lol. But once they dropped completely....oh giiiiiiirl....IN LOVE! As much as I want to go bigger eventually, I'm the happiest I've ever been too!

  • You are not being vein. I'm currently a year post op also. I have 425cc in right and 450cc in left. I definitely have considered going bigger. I spent 10k getting my boobs done. My doctor said that was my max. Hopefully next year I will be able to exchange them  to 650cc.

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  • I did not read any replies.....I think you look perfect!!!! Perfectly big, and not fake looking on you.....I think if you went bigger you would definitely loose the natural (yet perfect 10) look you have. So, I go with a "no", do not go bigger:)

  • Definitely not vein!! It seems like almost everyone goes through boob greed at first. I think if those feelings stick around for me past the 1 year mark, I'll exchange as well! If you have the means, why not be 1000% happy with what you want :) For what it's worth, your current results are gorgeous. 

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