Pro’s and Con’s for breast support band

What are the pro’s and Con’s for a breast support band? It is highly recommended for the recovery process or is it based on each case if the patient will need it or not? 

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  • Yes, I would love a response to this. I am two weeks PO and I am definitely riding high... I want to think this breast band is going to help drop the girls with massage but it is also a huge source of my discomfort. I have found myself wanting to put it on after taking a break from it though to have more support. It's a love hate relationship. 

  • The idea of an upper band after a BA under the muscle is to put some pressure on the implants to drop. Same idea as the other things that some recommend like massage, arm exercises, etc...Plastic surgeons all differ on if they use bands or not, which means-there is no good data on it. If your PS recommended it and you are able to do it, then it may help. If they did not recommend it, I think you are fine to leave it. 

    In my practice I do not have patients wear upper bands after BA under the muscle. Sometimes I will have patients keep a sports bra on the upper part of their breast (not pulled all the way down) to act like a band at night while sleeping, and maybe that is less uncomfortable. 

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      Dr. Rafi Fredman thank you for your response. I’m concerned if I wear a band/put pressure on them, it will cause the implants to bottom out. Would it just be best to naturally let them drop instead? 

  • I do not think an upper band increases the chance of bottoming out. Many surgeons put upper bands on their under the muscle BAs and I do not believe they have a higher rate of bottoming out. Bottom line-either way is fine, if your surgeon has a preference I would go with that. Good luck!

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