Irrational Fear?!

So my procedure is Thursday (as long as my COVID test results come in tomorrow) and I am getting super anxious and having major fear issues. I haven’t been out under since I was a teenager and had my wisdom teeth removed. I cannot shake the feeling that I may not wake up. I’ve cried multiple time while highest my oldest kid. I’m an emotional wreck and I feel like I should just be super excited. Anyone else have these feeling prior to their procedure?

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  • I think it’s normal to be anxious about anesthesia, but remember they are professionals who do this every day. Try to let the anxious thoughts pass and focus on the positive. 

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  • I felt the same way. I just had my surgery on Monday, May 18th and had never had surgery before so I was terrified. I actually cried when they put me on the operating table...but then woke up in recovery and everything was perfectly fine. 

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  • Take a deep breath and relax.  While there are always risks, it is minimal.  The medical team will be with you the whole time.

    i have had to go under several times for three surgeries over the years including an appendectomy.  Just know everyone reacts differently when waking.  I usually start crying for no apparent reason, but this time I didn’t have that.

    While I was in the pre op room the annasteiologiest that was with me for the BA walked me through everything up front. Then told me he was giving me something that would make me feel a little drunk or hazy in about 30 seconds or so and once we got to the surgical suite would give me the medication to put me to sleep and be there the whole time.  Funny thing is I remember counting after the first injection and made it until about 28 and that was it.  When I woke up no tears, I was foggy and still sleepy but that was it.

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  • This is completely normal. I felt the same way. I was freaking out that I wouldn’t wake up and that I was risking my son losing me for a selfish reason. 

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      Kristy Marie thank you for saying that. We all think it I believe. I’ve had this thought (and my mom has said it out loud of course)... but I have also been under anesthesia many times and I always feel emotional before. It is a big decision but the medical staff will be right there! 

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  • Mine is tomorrow too. I'm excited and nervous as hell. Yay we're boobie sisters lol!!

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  • I feel the exact same way. Surgery in 7 days. I’m a nurse, so I know on an intellectual level that anesthesia is safe. But I’m super anxious and worried about something happening during the procedure and leaving my son without a mom. It’s probably irrational. But it helps to know a lot of us have these fears. 

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  • Yes! I had my surgery almost four months ago now, my fear was that I was gonna wake up in the middle of the surgery or that it was gonna be impossible for me to fall asleep since I had never been under anesthesia. The way it went is that they use local anesthesia and something to make you fall asleep, I don’t know in what moment I went out, I just remember the anesthesiologist saying something, I looked at my doctor, then at the ceiling and then I woke up. It’s so funny cause I woke up when the nurses were taking me to my room and all I was saying was “wait when did I fall asleep? I don’t remember falling asleep”. I must’ve said that like 20 freaking times. I got to my room and my mom and sister were there and I just kept saying the SAME thing. And I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought I was gonna be one of those people that wake up from surgery and are crying because they are so excited, but I was laughing my ass out, I couldn’t talk because of laugher idk what they drugged me with. But the tears came later because of the pain. 

    So don’t worry about it! You will go scared but you won’t wake up mid surgery, and then you will wake up when it’s all over and you’ll be fine! if you have a good trusted doctor, you’ll be okay! 

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  • I've been put under twice, including my BA last year. First time was for my wisdom teeth removal. That was different because I had to get them taken out. I was even more scared with my BA because it was something that I needed to have done, it was pure selfish reasons. Didn't help that my sister told me she didn't want to have to bury me all because I wanted boobs. That stuck with me everyday until the surgery(over a month). Both times I went under, I started crying. I was so confused about everything going on when I woke up both times. 

    Funny story: I don't drive, don't have my licence. On the way home from my BA, I kept asking my hubby questions about everything. At one point he told me he didn't know because he hadn't any time to look through all my post op papers. I apparently told him to let me drive so he could read the papers 🤣🤣 He likes to bring that up still lol

    As scared as I was, I've already decided on going back to go bigger 😐🤦‍♀️ lol

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  • Can I ask how you went about getting your covid test done? My surgery is in 2 1/2 weeks and I have to get texted a week before and I’m not sure how to go about it 

    • weightsb4dates I went to a local clinic that was doing the testing. It is a nasal swab that goes all the way into your sinuses. It was probably my least favorite thing about the preop experience.

  • I have had multiple surgeries...a few by choice and a few for medical reasons. I am a mess always before and they always need to drug me to calm me down. I always remind people of my funeral plans as well as make sure I am ready for my funeral. I always get my hair, nails, toes, and eyelashes done prior to in case I die - can’t look like shit for my funeral. I always do my hair the morning of surgery and tell my husband not to let the funeral director touch it. So...I totally understand irrational fears. Just understand that is who you are...maybe warn your doctor and they will prepare to help your through it. My surgeon expects it from me. I have been to him twice for different procedures and would’ve had #3 if not for covid. Soon. 😀

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