2 Years Post Op. BL w/ 350cc HP Round Silicone


Hi Ladies. I had my surgery in Aug 2016. I have had liposuction and a BBL! Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in chatting about procedures! I am always happy to help. Current measurements: Top Bust:40" Bust 34" Waist 28" Hips 38"

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  • Wow nice!! I have 350cc HP silicone memory gel unders as well and mine look tiny lol. But I鈥檓 only almost 1 month post op. I am also looking into having a BBL in a couple months. I鈥檓 interested as to who you went to and how recovery was!! 

  • Great Doc! I am undergoing a revision from saline over to hp silicone under with aprox. 425cc. 

    I'm just wondering what type of implant and if they feel realistic? 

  • Gorg!! Do you happen to know your BWD? Also, pre BA size? I鈥檓 scheduled for BA/BL in couple of weeks and it鈥檚 great to see amazing results!!

  • Wow they look great! I鈥檓 having 325cc done, I hope they look close to yours, who was your PS? Did you get a bbl at the same time? 

  • Hello Sky! I am thinking on having a Breast lift and replacement of Breast Implants at the same time that a BBL on December 15th, could you show me you scar? The surgeon said he could take off excess of skin arpund my nipples, is it the same kind of BL that you had? Did you do all the procedures at the same time? Thank you! 

  • What position did you sleep in? I鈥檓 getting bbl and ba on Jan 16! Ba paperwork says back only bbl paper work says stomach only lol

  • I鈥檓 still new to the lingo....what鈥檚 a BBL?

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      Mariah S Brazilian butt lift

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  • Those look so good! 

  • Hey! I鈥檓 scheduled for my BA, BL and BBL February 18th!! I鈥檓 traveling for mine. Did you have yours all at the same time like me? I鈥檓 so nervous!! 

  • Out of curiosity what size breast did you have prior to your BA? 

  • How was your recovery as far as numbness and sensation this long after the Breast Lift ? Did everything return eventually for you? Or are there still areas that feel different?

  • Your results are PERFECTION!! 

  • Wow! Your pic is amazing! If I end up looking half as good as you, I鈥檒l be doing backflips in The Operating Room! Haha

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