How long will I be bed bed bound?

On August 27th I’m getting a BA/BL/TT and diastasis repair, I live remotely in New Zealand (2.5hrs from the hospital I’m getting my surgery at, 1.5hrs from the closest hospital) the night before and the night after I’ll be staying in a Hotel in the city with a girlfriend and she’ll drive me home the day after. 

My Husband will be home to look after me the first week or two (he’ll be working part time when the kids are at kindy/school), we have three 6, 4.5 and 2.

im just wondering what to expect in terms of level of care needed, the first 2-3 weeks? 

Ive been instructed to get compression garments to wear after the tummy tuck/diastasis repair but im wondering how the F I’m supposed to get into them/out of them for a pee etc if my chest muscles are messed with because of BA 😜 

I have a beautiful group of women friends here too so I’m wondering if I need to engage the girl squad too. 

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  • I had a BA/BL/TT with DR repair as well!

    I had a pain pump but it did not work so from Wednesday (surgery day) to Monday I was in awful pain and a real zombie.  That Monday I got a working pain pump and felt like a new woman. I did not take the Oxycodone after that.

    My kids came home at a week post-op and I was still very sore and not standing up straight.  I saw daily improvements after that point and by 3 weeks I felt fairly "normal" though still swollen.

    I had an abdominal drain for 2 weeks so I didn't wear an abdominal binder until after that. My doc didn't suggest a compression garment but I bought one anyway...the crotch is open in many of them or snaps.  I only wore it a few days and now I'm trying to sell it on eBay for $18 after paying $162 for it 🙄

    My youngest child is 6.5 so I think that was a bit easier for me.  My oldest (13) was able to help me a good bit with carrying laundry baskets, groceries etc for a bit.

    If you have others that can help you I think it would be a huge help to have the kids out of your hair & someone dedicated to caring for you for at least the first few days, if not a week.

    I would also find out when they will want to see will likely be making trips back and forth quite a bit in the first few weeks I'd imagine.  Sitting in the car was not fun and you won't be driving, lifting kids out of the car etc.

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  • I had a TT with MR, Lipo and BA with implants and a lift and areola reduction on one side on June 21.  Don’t stay in bed! Move around as much as possible.  I got a walker and used it for the first week it really helped with getting up...especially from the toilet.  I was out shopping at about a week and a half post op.  Listen to your body and take breaks and sit down when needed.  

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