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Hi all,

Just wondering how people dealt with the actual weight of the implants in their body and what to expect (surgery is a few weeks away!) When I tried on the sizers they felt a bit heavy (only 375cc). I know the sizers are different because they kind of just hang off your body whereas the implants are inside. But has anyone had lasting back pain or other difficulties? 

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  • Hey no weight issue for me I thought it would feel heavy like sizers did but I feel normal!

  • I have 550 cc's and I dont feel like they feel heavy as long as I keep them supported most of the time. occasionally, if I'm walking around braless they can start to feel heavier. however, they do not affect my everyday activities because of extra weight or anything like that. I think being aware of your posture and lots of stretching make a huge difference in any back pain or neck pain I've heard other women with boobs complain about. 

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  • I have 485 cc’s and don’t notice them being heavy at all even though I had nothing beforehand. Have to really watch posture when working out cause I tend to round my back. 

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  • I have 385cc and my doc said they each weigh exactly 1.8 lbs, so 3.6 lbs in total. 

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  • You either get used to them or you develop neck, back, and shoulder pain.  But the pain can happen with naturally bigger breasts so it is to be somewhat expected.  

  • Hi there, I'm so glad you brought this up. I too had this same question a year and a half ago when I was just about to get my implants. 

    I thought the sizes were heavy and figured that the actual implants would not be as bad. I was wrong. 

    I don't think you can prepare yourself for the way you'll feel with the actual implants in. I didn't realize that they would be so cumbersome and heavy, even though I got only 345cc Silicone. 

    I spent the better part of the last year and a half wishing I could just have my regular small boobs back because I didn't like how heavy I looked and felt. I can't look small in clothing anymore because I'm top heavy now and it definitely shows in clothes. 

    I went from a Size Small shirt to a Medium. And the extra fabric makes me look even bigger. 

    I'm getting my implants removed in a month and won't be getting them replaced. I really hate carrying them around and looking big. If I had known in advance how different I would look and feel I would have saved myself the large expense of 2 surgeries. 

    Wishing you all the best in your health and boobie venture! 🌹

  • Im 7 wpo with 485cc and dont even notice the weight of them anymore. I did the first couple of weeks though because they were so tight and swollen. 

  • I have 650cc and they are NOT heavy. I actually dont understand when people say they are. Implants weigh less than natural breast tissue of the same size. My implants weigh something like 2lbs.. 

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