Itchyness all over body and breaking out on back and face!

Hi Dr. Michelle Roughton  I am 6weeks post op and my body started to be itchy 3 weeks ago and i also started to break out 4weeks ago. I itch all over my body especially on my back, side boobs, and legs. I also started to break out 4weeks ago on my face, chest and back when I never break out. I have always had good skin. I started to wake up with an extremely oily face immediately after surgery and it occasionally burns my eyes if it gets in my eyes... what could this be? Has this happened to any patient you know of? I am 6 weeks post op and this has not gotten any better. 

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  • I was so oily the first week too! And my chest has broken out in the tiniest pimples up to my shoulders. Very interested to see what is said ☺ I hope it gets better for you girl!

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  • Hmmm.  I think you're having a reaction to something you're coming into contact with.  Are you off all the medication?  pain meds, antibiotics etc?? If you're still using the pre-surgery soap, go ahead and stop.

    The itching all over thing isn't normal.  Stress of surgery can trigger acne type outbreaks but the itching isn't that.  


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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      Dr. Michelle Roughton 

      I’ve been off completely of any medications and antibiotics the first week of my surgery. The oil on my face has decreased but it’s definitely still there. My face has a lot of tiny little break out bumps and I have acne as well now and pimples.

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  • I’m sure you have resolved the issue by now but it sounds like a yeast overgrowth which happens when you take antibiotics. Diflucan would kill it immediately followed by strong probiotics. 

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