Pinpoint pain at the bottom of the right medial muscle

I am 12 DPO and for the most part am feeling good.  I had a 525 silicone placed under.  Still some soreness but overall manageable EXCEPT this one spot on my right breast.  It feels like an intense pinpoint pain originating at the medial muscle (couple inches up from the sternum).  I haven’t found a bra or position that elevates the pain.  If I recall correctly the doctor said he would have to release the muscle in that spot a little when placing the implant under the muscle. Is this type of pain expected and if so how long does it usually last?  Does the size of implant affect the amount of pain? 

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  • Yes can be very normal.  Yes in an 'under the muscle' case we divide the muscle a bit especially off the breast bone and off the crease.  Does it feel like electric shocks, shooting, stabbing pain?  If so, likely a nerve that's been 'tweaked'.  If it's more of soreness, likely just tight muscle that will improve even more quickly than the nerve pain.  If it's nerve like pain then I usually try folks on low dose neurotic/gabapentin and that helps to settle it down.  Good luck.

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  • Thank you, Dr R! 

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