Laying down and armpit

I feel one  implant higher up in my armpit when I lay down and it moves and I can feel it more on my upper boob area where the other one I can’t feel when I’m laying down and it doesn’t move . My left one just feels weird , like I can move it and feel it more lol does that make sense . It sticks out to the side more when I lay down , And I can push it in , where the other one I can’t. Does anyone have this issue ?

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  • Yep. Same issue. My left was larger to begin with so I have a bigger implant in my right to correct the asymmetry. The smaller implant in the already larger breast left more room for it to move around for sure. The larger implant in the smaller breast is a “snugger” fit and stays in place. 

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    • Carolina Marie that’s interesting because I’m having assymetry issues  and I’m wondering if my right boob will ever fluff out like my left . But I have the same size in both 

      And the one that moves and I feel move more is my smaller and right side . 

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  • I also have the same issue even after a revision, totally hate it. only difference is it's my right breast. Drives me crazy. I will be looking into another revision in a year or so with another ps. 

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    • sculptmebeautiful I don’t feel it as much , only when I touch them but still. What causes it?

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  • I have the same issue ! I was told it's normal by my PS and told that my muscle being tight on that side also has something to do with it ( I use my left more than my right ). He suggested I massage that side more so maybe that'll help you ? My right side doesnt move as it's a bigger implant and i dont think it has alot of room to move?? But I do know even real boobs slide to the armpits when laying on your back.  The pushing in feels really odd though I must admit. 

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    • Ashley N I wonder if this loose boob still has to settle then because it’s a tighter muscle ? It does feel weird lol , but it’s kinda fun to push it in when laying down 

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