I want surgeon opinion please :)

Ive had my operation on may 05/2019. 


Before i got the implants, everyone said to my that if i take it under the muscle, it wont effect anything. Now im little concerned. 


I liked before the bench press so much and kick boxing. And i am so afraid i cant do it anymore. 


Is it ok if i start to doing those things? Im so sad if i can not.. 


Is the training ever gona be the same as it was before. Or will i always be afraid that something happens and i can not lift weights in gym. 


In many exercise anyway i must use my chest muscles.. 


I mean that does the muscles grow there as it were before. Will i have to be afraid when doing the bench press that it will explode there or will be moved in wrong place :D  or am i gona just ruined my breasts.. 


I was a cup before and got 300cc both side under muscle.. healing good.. i havent exercised only running outside.. it felt good with 2 bras... 


Should i be afraid? Most of im concerned of the bench press. I could lift before 40 kg easy and im sure i cant anymore because i havent exercised.. but will i ever be able to do that again.. or other chest trainings.. :( i hope u have knewd before.. 


Thanks. Hope to have answer

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  • Iโ€™m not a surgeon... but I have implants under the muscle and have bench pressed, done push ups, and many other exercises and have no issues.  I work out 6 says a week and my implants have never gotten in the way.

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  • Hi.  Yes you should be able to resume all your previous activity at this point.  Due to being inactive for several months you make take a while to regain your previous ability as to how heavy the weights are.  Best of luck!


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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      Dr. Michelle Roughton okay thanks so much for answering :) im definitely gon try it. I am just a bit worried cause i can feel quickly my breast muscles. Like just at home when im doing normal stuff.

      So i guess the muscle should grow like before and normally. 


      Thanks so much

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