1 day post op


So, I finally did it! However I鈥檓 feeling very down and really hate what they look like now (I know they will change but I haven鈥檛 seen any this swollen).

I had my surgery on Monday 21st September, got 300cc medium profile under the muscle. My sternum is super swollen and it feels like I have one large boob and the skin between is so stretched and lifted off the bone, I鈥檓 worried I鈥檒l end up with a uniboob.

anyone had this experience? How long did it take to look somewhat normal? 

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  • Hi GRJATA! I know exactly how you feel regarding not liking the shape immediately after surgery. I鈥檓 two weeks postop and I still have Frankenboob, however, i鈥檝e noticed some dropping and my chest muscles starting to relax, although still a long way to go. I鈥檝e been told you need to trust the process and have patience as it can be a 3-6 month sometimes even a 9 month process. The day following my surgery, my surgeon had instructed me to push in the centre of my sternum with my thumb until I hit my chest wall, and to do it all the way down my sternum. I wasn鈥檛 given instructions for how long, however to continue until that sloshy feeling inside subsided. I believe this was to ensure that the skin stayed close to my chest and not lifted. I did that for about the first week and I was fine after. Perhaps reach out to your surgeon and let him/her know your concerns. I don鈥檛 think completing this massage would cause any complications, however, I鈥檓 not a doctor lol. I can鈥檛 wait to see how you progress! I鈥檓 sure everything will be fine! I hope you鈥檙e able to stay positive and trust the process! 鉂わ笍 

  • From nothing to 340cc. A few days after, 2 months after, one day post op (the photos never upload in order馃槶馃榾 Trust the process! 

  • I had swelling down the Centre like that too but it all went away. I think mine looked best after 3 months but probably looked okay from about 6 or so weeks.

  • My sternum was SO swollen I thought I had made the worst mistake of my life!  It took a few weeks to subside and it took about 4 weeks to 鈥渓ove鈥濃 my boobs. I鈥檓 now 7 weeks in a couldn鈥檛 be happier....I get boob greed if I鈥檓 being honest but I think everyone does! You look amazing! I went from swollen bloated bruised hot mess to this?!?! Time heals. 

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  • My sternum was so swollen I thought something went horribly wrong. I had tubular breast and it took a lot longer to heal and the swelling to go down. I鈥檇 say I good 9 months to a year to be fully healed. The swelling will do away, unfortunately you just have to be patient. I promise you will love them eventually it just takes time for you body to heal. 

  • I鈥檓 2DPO and mine look really similar! Not the look we were going for, huh? How are things looking for you now? Hope you鈥檙e happy and that they鈥檙e showing progress! 

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