Stuck between full/high profile and ultra-full/high?!😭 before and afters pls!

Hi again! 

So anyone who read my last post knows that I have some concerns about not being able to get as big of implants as I might be wanting due to my size (I don't have a lot of boob to begin with, and I'm a very tiny 100-103lbs, 5'3) 

I just had a video call with my Dr. yesterday, and we talked about it and she said there will definitely be some limitations to what will fit due to me being so small, and skin stretching, all that. (For example, she said she really can't see any way a 600cc implant would fit)

She said that she won't know until the actual surgery date, but we should be able to find somewhere between 450-500 cc that will work. She also said that if I am wanting more cc's, due to my really narrow chest I might have to go with ultra-full profile. 

Can any of my fellow petite girls show me their before and afters with full/high profile, ultra-full/high, or even just before and afters around 400-500 cc?!😭

I'm really scared I'll end up feeling like my boobs are still too small after! 


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  • I was in the same boat somewhat. My surgeon wouldn’t go any higher than 345cc’s unless I went ultra high profile. I’m so glad I did. I’m at 400 UHP and I’m pretty happy. I wish I could have gone bigger but my surgeon wouldn’t because I had such little tissue. It’s still so much better than having nothing. Hope this helps! Good luck!! 

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      NewBoobs08 you look awesome!!!

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    • NewBoobs08 yes this helps so much!!! My biggest worry with the UHP is that I'll end up with torpedo tits permanently (not sure why, that's where my brain goes lollll) but yours look beautiful! Nice and round with good cleavage. You look great. 

      I think I might go with the ultra-full profile if it means larger. This makes me sooo much less scared of it 

    • Lol! I had the same fear but I had read that they will still drop and fluff and mine have dropped quite well. I’m almost at 2 months post op. Also, I got the Natrelle Soft Touch (SSX) which is bit more cohesive and firmer than the Responsive so it does give me a bit more upper pole fullness which I personally like. So assuming you’re going for silicone, I would also look at the type of cohesiveness that you would prefer 😊

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