i’m afraid of breast implants getting in the way

hello! I’ve been considering a BA + BL since 2016. I’ve chosen my surgeon and had a consult, now I’m just saving so I can be as debt-free as possible — plus waffling on whether or not I can actually do this on the daily lol. 


my current concern is that I’m very physically active (weight lifting), and I serve and bartend at a high volume restaurant; long shifts, heavy lifting, the works. I’m planning on taking a month off for maximum physical and mental recovery time, but as for when they’re healed, I’m worried about always *feeling* my implants and that they’ll be “in the way” — when I work out, when I’m working, when I lay on my stomach ... does anyone have any advice or can assure me this won’t be the case? ideally I would like to not even notice them at a certain point.

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  • I lift weights and they don’t get in the way, sometimes I have to reposition my arms a bit like with exercises that have my arms close to my ribs. I think straight bar tricep push downs today I had to put my arms around my side boob to get in position if that makes sense, but they really don’t get in the way and it takes about a second. I can’t comment on the waitressing as I don’t have a physical job but after a couple weeks I didn’t even notice them.

    I can’t do heavy chest work though, it pulls my pec muscles and is uncomfortable at the time and causes little sharp pains the next day so that’s out completely for me. I’m not okay with risking lateral displacement either personally but plenty of girls out there can bench without issues so ymmv.

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