When do they get soft???

Hi guys!

I’m 6 days post op, and just feeling very anxious about my aug. I’m 5’1 & 105lbs, starting as a 32B, now with mod profile silicone unders 295cc in the left and 310cc in the right. 

My question is at what point post op did they start feeling soft and natural? Does that happen for everyone? 



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  • I’m also 6 days post op! I have 275cc  mod profile silicone undera and am anxious to see them drop and fluff! My ps tells me they always drop and fluff in time and not to worry,...he says to allow 3-6 months for the final result to start to show. 

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  • I am almost 6 weeks PO, 5' tall, about 102 lbs.  Was a very delated/saggy 32C before and got 250cc/325cc Mentor HP (My BWD is around 11) silicone unders, and an anchor breast lift. I'm around a 32D now (same size I was before I had kids) and they seem to fit my frame well.  

    Even at almost 6 weeks out I'm still noticing changes. They feel SOOOOO much softer and more natural now.  At first, I felt like I just had these "things" strapped to my chest.

    I know it's hard, but try to be patient!

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  • I had 295cc unders High profile 5 weeks ago. My breasts haven't started to drop and fluff yet but they are rounding out a lot more & feeling a lot softer. They still feel firm in the higher part of my chest closer to my clavicle if that makes any sense🤔 I started off as a 34A & I'm already a 34C before the drop and fluff process has started. It just takes time and patience😊

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  • 300cc HP silicone unders. I’m about 4 months and they are soft and kind of bouncey. But they are still pretty firm. 

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