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Hello! I had breast asymmetry before surgery but now it’s more noticeable . I’m almost 8 months post op. Is this my final look!? Or can I hope For them to look more even. One is more round and centered, or do you think I need a pocket revision! 

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  • You're a tough case.  When I cover up your nipples, your implants look like they're pretty symmetrical.  When I see your nipples though I want to move the implant down, but that would then drive you crazy for the opposite reason.  I don't think the asymmetry is going to go away but your eye may become more tolerant of it.  I think the only way to make that significantly better is to do a lift on your right side (the lower nipple side if you're in a mirror).  You'll of course then have a different scar pattern but the nipples will be in a more similar position.  Best of luck!

    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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    • Dr. Michelle Roughton thank you! My nipples don’t drive me crazy. It’s that one is a whole size bigger !

    • Dr. Michelle Roughton you just can’t see it in the picture as much . So does that give me hope that one might fluff out a little more ?

    • Dr. Michelle Roughton here’s a better pic

  • Same size implants? I've seen this when the chest wall is different between the two sides.  Meaning your ribs may stick out more on the larger side. You may get some ongoing subtle changes but I suspect you wont get a full correction without one going up or down in size.  Sorry you're going through this.

    • Dr. Michelle Roughton yep they’re the same size on each side 

    • Dr. Michelle Roughton 385cc on each 

    • Denise castro stumped (if it's not difference in bony chest) without seeing you in person.  Best!

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