Hey ladies!

Hey ladies, I’m new to this site. I’m really wanting to get breast implants.. like now! And I have no idea where to start. I’m 28 and I have 3 girls. At one point I was a 38 D and now I can’t even fill out a B. I don’t know how everyone is paying for theirs. My credit is.. so so. 634. Are you taking out a loan through your bank? I want to go the safest route as far as finances and my credit goes. But I have no savings at this point. I’m mostly curious about payment options and recovery time. 

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  • My surgery center accept Care Credit for those who want to do financing. I think care credit is 12month 0% interest and sometimes even more than 12 months.

    I know BA pricing is different everywhere but I’m in Indiana and my surgery was $5,900 but I got a $500 discount for attending a big event so I actually got my surgery for $5,400. My surgery included 2 post op bras, scar strips, ice packs, before and after pics. A post op massage, a $50 spa credit, (my surgery center also has a spa center) and obviously then all my post op appointments.

    My prescriptions I needed for surgery (pain meds and antibiotic) were maybe $25-30. Other than that I didn’t pay a dime more for anything.  Other than LOTS of new bras 😉😉

    Hope this helps! Best of Luck!!!

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  • Hi! I did my surgery in Weston, FL. It costed about $6500, and I opened a credit card that was interest free for 18 months. If you go with Care Credit, my word of caution is that if you have even $1 balance after the interest-free period, they will add all the interest charges from the entire 12 months. So definitely make sure you’re on time with your payments and you finish your payments in the interest-free period. This happened when my husband used Care Credit for a dental procedure, and we were able to call and pay the remaining balance without the extra interest.


    As for recovery, I had my surgery on a Thursday, and I was at work on Tuesday. I feel like I would have been fine going in on Monday, but I had the day. I work a desk job, though.

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      • Zion695
      • Zion695
      • 13 days ago
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      Athena Which credit card did you go with? I don't want to use care credit or aphelion. 

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      • Athena
      • Athena
      • 12 days ago
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      Zion695 I got the Wells Fargo platinum card, it has 0% interest for 18 months. 

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