Skin tightness

I had my BA/BL on July 11th and for the past 2 day I have been having this really bad tightness in the space between my breast. It feels like it’s being stretched more than my skin will allow. It’s pretty painful and uncomfortable. Is something like this normal?

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  • My PS told me that's one of the spots most likely to have pain during recovery :( I'm feeling it a little, myself. I hope you feel better soon. Try to keep an ice pack on it

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    • SamanthaMarie thanks for letting me know my PS didn’t tell me that

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  • Hello and sorry this is happening.  You are 100% normal.  This pain is likely related to the muscle being stretched.  It attaches to the breast bone and to your arm (believe it or not!).  It will stretch and you'll become more comfortable over the next several days to a week.  Everyone is a little different.  Try ibuprofen if your PS allows it.  Best of luck!

    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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  • How are you feeling now? Do you still have the tightness feeling?

    I have that exact same tightness (8/1 surgery). It also radiates in to my back only on my right side (my dominant side). 

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    • kjb hi, I’m feeling a lot better as far as the space between my boobs. I don’t have that stretched feeling anymore. I still have a lot of pain on the sides of my boobs and also around the nipple area. Hoping this goes away soon. Hang in there the tightness should go away in like a week or so. 

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      kjb I also had my surgery 8/1 and am feeling the same thing.  I’m actually really swollen in the middle of my breast.  


      Hopefully it’ll relax a little in the next couple weeks!

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