How big is too big?

It seems like a lot of people are having 450cc plus! What are the limiting factors? I ask because I wanted to go big and ALL of my boobie pics were pretty much shot down by my PS. She said if I got implants more than 450 cc that I wouldn’t be able to do much but look pretty. I’m a mommy of 4. I’m 13 BWD. Currently a deflated 32C cup. Won’t need a lift. I’m 5’3” 149 lbs. (still losing weight). 

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  • I was also 13 BWD I’m 5’6” 125 lbs. I was previously a 34B. (And that’s being generous) lol πŸ˜‚ 

    I have 600cc High Profile and I’m a 34DD/DDD depending on the bra. I have NO regrets and my PS never once said 600cc was too much, in fact I had originally picked 650 but then panicked and went with 600.  

    Im 6mpo today and have NO issues or complaints. I can do anything I did before. I know a girl with 800cc and she’s a mom of 3 and an avid work out person, she still does it all. 

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  • I’m very petite. No kids. I was a 32AA, I was scared to go too big. Did 325cc & I’m having a revision to go bigger. Probably do 425cc. You have to go atleast 100cc to see a difference with a revision. I’d say go big being that you already have the breast tissue. I think my BWD was 11.9 I’m 5’4 & weigh 95lbs. I can fill a 32B with no padding. 32C is a little big πŸ™„ 

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  • Just see what the maximum amount is for a 13.5 bwd on the high profile chart. Going higher profile will give you more cc's without going too wide. 

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  • For example in a Natrelle Inspira Extra Full profile, the cc's for a 13.5 bwd is 580. 

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  • I’d get a few other opinions but ultimately, you’ll need to trust your surgeon. 


    I’m 5’5” 175, have 5 kids, always busy, very active, and have 750/800 UHP. I definitely do more than β€œlook pretty” :/

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  • I'm 5'1" 120 lbs, mother of 4 and have 550 cc's. My doctor was going to let me go 600 but I was scared and came back in for a resizing for reassurance. I have silicone high profile implants. And as said above, they haven't stopped me from doing everything I normally do in life. I still run/workout as usual too.

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  • Hi CandyO !  I'm kind of (very?) put off by that comment.  I'm hoping she meant that bigger breasts can get in the way but I haven't had a patient for augmentation YET tell me she thinks she went TOO big.  In fact it's nearly always the opposite.  Here's the thing--your total volume will be your current volume + the implant and that's the issue with other folks' stats.  None of us know what our initial starting volume is, it's a guess.  Vectra (standardized photography) can be helpful in your decision making and the anatomically shaped sizers can be helpful to try on.  I did the latter as a patient many years ago.  I definitely think you should get what YOU want and though, as surgeons, we know a LOT about operating, to date I know not a single surgeon who can predict someone else's opinion with 100% accuracy.  Get another opinion is my short answer!  Good luck!


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
    (Bustmob members get a $500 travel voucher πŸ™‚)

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    • 5'2" - 215 - BWD: 14 - 38B to 40D / 650cc Mentor Smooth Round HP Silicone - Dual Plane - Crease Incision - 12/20/18
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    I find that most surgeons are very conservative with sizing... I went into several consultations telling the doctors that I wanted 650cc implants... They all wanted to put me in the 400 range... I held my ground, confirmed that what I wanted would fit my chest and ultimately got what I wanted. I'm paying for a service and as long as there isn't a safety issue, had to get what I wanted.  I don't regret it a bit... I actually had a little boob greed in the beginning and wished I went bigger. Oh, if you're leaning toward following the advice of your PS, I would ask her if you are dissatisfied, if she will do the revision surgery at no cost... Including covering the anesthesia and OR fees as well as the new implants. Good luck

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  • I’d get some other opinions! Two years ago I went in wanting 600cc overs, and was talked into 450cc unders because what I wanted was β€œjust too big.” Two years (and $14k later) I saw another doctor who put 595cc overs in and they are perfect. Save yourself the heartache (and money!) and find a doctor who will work with you to give you more closely what you want. 

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