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I’m losing my mind not able to sleep on my back and wondering how long you all waited to move to side sleeping with overs? My PS said 3 months and I literally don’t think I can wait. I’m 2.5 weeks P.O. and I don’t think I’ve had a single full night’s sleep 😭

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  • I think I started sleeping on my side more at 6 because that's what my ps said, except I'd started to finally get used to being on my back by then.

    I sleep on my front/side now and prefer side as they dont separate that way like when you are on your back. Scared they are slipping under my armpits 😓


    I reckon 3 months is a bit dramatic for having to adjust your sleeping. I'd definitelt not sleep on your front untill past 6 weeks and you're fully healed.

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  • i'm going for a 5 week post op next week with overs. Hoping he clears me to sleep on my side. I feel ya. girl

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  • Omy, 3 months!  I didn't even think about this. 

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  • I waited three month-ish. A travel neck pillow was a life saver for me! 

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  • After 2 weeks! The instructions from my clinic were that it's ok if it feels ok for me.

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  • I was between 5-6 wpo when I could sleep on my side. Even then I kinda used a pillow to help hold the weight of my new boobs. 

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  • It does get better!! I have overs and I slept upright on my side with lots of pillows at about 4 weeks and now at 6 months I can sleep on my tummy again! Just keep a sports bra on. The best thing I did was prop myself on my side and make sure my boobs were in a safe position! Just make sure they are secure and not gonna get hurt in your sleep! A neck pillow helped me not to move. Don’t give up! It will get better with time! Overs heal quick!

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  • I rolled over one night and woke up on my side. I think when it feels comfortable you are okay. I don't remember how long it took to get over morning boob, but by the time that's done, you'll for sure be able to sleep on your side. I think my doc also said to me whenever it feels comfortable. When I figured out how to wedge a whole lot of stuff around and under me, so my sides were supported I was able to sleep much better. Do you have one of those special pillows (anything with side support or armrests)? I think they help a lot. I remember that discomfort and it sucked.

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