CC or What?


I received the info on this group Saturday when I posted to a support group asking fellow ladies about my right implant. I had my surgery on June 22 almost 3 months ago. I have 510CCs smooth high profile under the muscle. I started out as barely an A with tubular breast syndrome.


At about two months I noticed my right implant was sitting higher than my left. I sent my surgeon pics and told him I had been sleeping on my left side. I was instructed to start sleeping on my right side with my arm straight up for two weeks and then to see him. On September 8th my surgeon told me he did not think I had a CC but for whatever reason the implant was not dropping. He told me he knew two good physical therapists who I could work with and they could get it to drop. He normally sends cancer patients or radiation treatment patients to them but he thought it would help in my case as well. 


My 1st PT appointment was this past Wednesday. The PT confirmed she also did not think it was a CC. She said I had a lot of tightness in the muscles around my right shoulder and lymph nodes. She performed massage around the implant, worked my shoulder, & had me do exercises to stretch the muscles. I was told I could ice the area when I got home and to continue to do the massage & the exercises. On Friday after icing the area I realized I am now more swollen than I was Wednesday. I emailed the PT and sent her pictures and asked if it was normal. She said she was not sure but I should leave it alone and only use ice over the weekend. She said if it got worse I should contact my surgeon first thing Monday morning. he also said they may suggest for me to start MLB treatment. So here it is, Monday and my right side/implant is definitely higher than my left and it’s more swollen today than Wednesday, last week, or even two weeks ago. Can anybody please tell me if this is possibly a normal thing. Is there something I am not doing or maybe doing too much of? I have some tenderness but not all around the implant. The pain is more at the top and around my armpit. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, please see attached photos!!

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  • I see the swelling. I would let your PS know. My guess is that the massage, shoulder work, muscle exercises caused swelling so I would take it easy on that side. 

    I would be honored to see you at my office in St. Louis, MO!
    (Travel patients get $500 off πŸ™‚)

    • Thanks for responding. I did talk to the nurse, they said some pain & swelling is normal. BUT, how do I know if it is a capsular contracture?

  • I’m in the same boat right now.  My right one is doing the same thing.  He’s having me push the implant down by leaning on a paper towel roll against the wall and he put me on Accolate.

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