Fitness ladies w/implants longer than 1 or 2 years: I have questions about pull-ups, push-ups, handstands, and aerial acrobatics (silks)...

I can't seem to find clear answers about these exercises. I would love to know from someone who is past a year, preferably had their implants for a few years, and can provide their experiences with any of these exercises. Did doing them shift your implants? How long before you could do them? At one almost one year, I still feel weird doing push-ups. Haven't even tried pull-ups, hand stands or the other. My doctor's answer and answers I've seen from doctors around the internet weren't clear for me. I would love to hear from someone who has experienced doing these exercises with implants that are more than a year old, and the effects, and how it felt. Thank you! 

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  • Hi I'm a PT and am 2 yrs po, i teach yoga twice a week along with a variety of other group fitness classes, it did take a long tome to feel comfortable with doing arm balances and the chaturanga, i can do a handstand an i wouldn't say it feels weird as i have become a custom to the feeling so I'll say it never goes away you just get used to it feeling strange that it dos'nt feel strange any more , i also participate in aerial yoga classes and have no issues with the postures nor has it appeared to affect my implants.  Hope this has helped some. 

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  • I had my first BA 9 years ago, under the muscle. I Crossfit and never took it easy on my chest. Well after 9years (and 2kids) mine has definitely migrated outwards and my doctor said it was likely from all the lifting. I just had my second BA this past June and have returned to most movements but will just not go heavy on an chest isolation movements. 

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  • I’m curious, as well. I lift and do aerial silks. I haven’t had an augmentation yet. Thanks for asking and I hope you get more replies. 

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  • I had my first set of implants in June 2018.  Resumed push ups, pull-ups and chin ups when cleared at 8 weeks.  Had a revision in October.  Had to wait a bit longer because I had some pain from the tummy tuck revision.  I haven't noticed anything shifting because of it. They've continued to drop and soften over time though.

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  • I e been wondering the same thing, but just for basic stuff like pushups, bench press, and other chest exercises. I have tried to do a few things and end up stopping, because it feels weird. I’d be so mad if I messed my boobs up!

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  • I am a personal trainer 6 months post op and just now feeling comfortable doing upper body. I had 650cc implants. So my body is adjusting! 

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