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I know it is impossible to say, but I am hoping to get at least an estimate on how long I can expect my breast lift results to last? I had a full anchor lift done. I am older (52), breast fed 3 children and had a large weight loss of 80 pounds so I would consider my skin quality to be poorer than most๐Ÿ˜ช. I realize my results won't last forever but is it possible to get at least 10 years out of them? At the time of my BL I also got 375 round smooth silicone implants. Thank you for ANY thoughts you might have on this!!

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  • Great question.  "Last" is a tough word.  I still see women with their original 1980s Dow Corning implants in place.  They've "lasted" but generally don't look or feel amazing 40 years later.  If you want data driven answers, 4th generation implants "last" on average 10-11 years before rupture or capsular contracture drives an implant exchange. I suspect the long term data will support a longer time for the 5th generation gels.  How long will the mastopexy last?  Essentially the shape will be an improvement over your previous shape forever but your breasts will continue to age--and drop.  10 years--yes I would expect that.  20 years with you totally and 100% satisfied....maybe not that long.  Like everything in life though, you'll know when you're frustrated enough to do something like more surgery.  Best of luck to you.  Fearing the unknown is 100% normal!


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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      Dr. Michelle Roughton Thank you SO much for your response!! It brings me more comfort than you can realize!!

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