Surgery scheduled!

Hi I am 31 but have been wanting implants since I was 20! I can now finally afford them! Iโ€™m super flat. 32AA. I have had my consult and my surgery is scheduled for December 2nd. I am very excited!

I am petite (5โ€™1โ€ and 90-95lbs) so I donโ€™t want them to look unnatural on me. But Iโ€™ve also heard people say they regret not going bigger. Right now we have me down for 330cc moderate round silicone but Iโ€™m debating going up from there! 


Anyway so glad to have found this group!

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  • Iโ€™m not yet at the stage of scheduling surgery.  But, my personal opinion is that a more natural look has a sloped upper pole and some โ€˜hangโ€™ on the lower pole.  I personally think larger implants give this look more than smaller implants for women with less native tissue vs ones with more.  Iโ€™d like to go with a 500-600 cc implants myself, not because Iโ€™m going for a โ€˜hugeโ€™ look.  Itโ€™s because I want a natural look.  Iโ€™m 5โ€™4โ€, 155 lbs and have had 2 births. My stats are different than yours and Iโ€™d expect that the implant size would need to be different for you to achieve your desired goal.

    Have you met with a surgeon yet to discuss your preferences and goals?

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      • JFoster87
      • BA & TT Nov. 8th 2019!!
      • JFoster87
      • 7 days ago
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      Tryingtodecide I completely agree with this. It's all about the the projection of course. I had 275cc and they were only a 34C but looked like fake balls. This time I will get heavier, larger implants for a natural slope.

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  • I was a 32B (5'6 and 108lbs) and went with high profile ideal saline implants at 300cc and they were way too full up top for me. I thought they looked fake whereas I was looking for a more natural teardrop shape. I wear a 32D in Gap or 32DD in Victoria's Secret.

    So I'm having a revision surgery to get Sientra moderate plus HSC silicone at 235cc. My goal is to be a 32C. 

    This is a picture of my boobs now for reference. Second pic is of Emily Ratajkowski, who has my wish/dream boobs. I want no fullness up top like hers, but hers are natural. 

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  • You are TINY and with very little breast tissue. I would not go any bigger if youโ€™re looking for a natural result. I had no breast tissue either after having my kids and I went with 295&275. Iโ€™m currently a 32C in Aerie wireless and they look so natural. I requested to be a full B/small C and thatโ€™s pretty much what I got. Iโ€™m 5โ€™ 8โ€ and 130, but my weight is mainly in my thighs/pear shaped.

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      • Sabbyx
      • 350R, 365L cc mentor saline. Under muscle armpit incision
      • tsabrina
      • 10 days ago
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      Tina Agrreeed

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  • Hi! I'm similar in age and stats. Im one month post-op today and am SO happy with my results. I can hide them easily in loose tops (I'm a teacher, so this was very important to me), but they look so full naked and in bras. I went with 340 cc. I'm currently measuring a 32DD/DDD at VS and a 32D in most department store bras. My friends and bf all say they never would think that based on how they look in clothes, but go "omg wow!" when they see them naked lol. I originally adamently said I didn't want to be bigger than a C cup, but based on the pics i showed (also Emily Ratajowski) I'm glad my PS went with this size. Follow your gut! I'm happy to private send more pics if you want to see :) 

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  • I wore a 32AA, or a 32A (but with gaps๐Ÿ˜•). 5'4 115lbs. I aimed for a natural look and roughly a C. I'm now 2 years post op with 350cc. I'm now a 30E/32DD. Initially they were bigger than I expected but once I got used to them I feel they are a workable size. I can dress them up and down, and do all the activities and sports I love. I think if I'd went bigger I would look wide and heavy on the top. My PS felt 350cc was the biggest he would go on my frame.

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      • BoobieLove
      • 340 cc silicone unders- BA 8/13
      • Boobielove
      • 7 days ago
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      Rosie T beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

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