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My surgery is about a month out. I’ve been working really hard to lose some extra weight I had before surgery. I keep reading about girls gaining weight after surgery, and having to stay out of the gym for at least 6 weeks is making me pretty nervous about how much I’ll put on. Is this something that happens to everyone? Does anyone have any tips on staying active while on restrictions?

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    Diet is key. Just be obsessed as possible with vegetables & good meat proteins. Stay away from carbs/fast food. Stick with water. I’m about four months post op. I’ve gained five pounds I’d say. It feels way more. It’s pretty stubborn. But, my kids make it a bit hard to go daily to the gym. Luckily, school starts soon though!! Haha 😝 Kayla Marie

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  • Like Kay said, diet is key. Its inevitable that you will gain a few lbs from swelling and bloat right after surgery, but it will go away after about a week or so. I did not step on the scale for the first week. As long as you maintain a healthy diet you probably wont gain any actual weight.... except for the weight of those new boobies hah! Pre op i did HIIT classes 5x a week and ate quite often now that i cant do anything I dont really get hungry often. Try to stay mindful of only eating when youre hungry, but easier said than done when youre laying around watching TV all day lol. 

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  • I agree.. diet. Bloating and swelling goes away after a few days. But them lbs.. ugh! 

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