Should I get lipo w/ tummy tuck, mommy makeover?

Hi Ladies, I’m scheduled for a mommy makeover November 25th. My PS recommend lipo with my tummy tuck, but I’m very nervous. I want the quickest, easiest recovery but if I’m already going through with the surgery should I just get it to have the best result? I’ve never had any type of surgery or anesthesia and I’m really scared of blood, hospitals etc. 

Also nervous about returning to work and how to deal with getting stares or questions. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks 

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    Go for it!

    Might as well get it out of the way, and definitely get the best result. Also, unless you have a job that reveals most (or all) of your body, it is doubtful people will notice. If anything theyll think you lost weight and tried a new push up. Lol. Most people are polite enough to keep those comments to themselves and friends may ask, but honestly, from what I've heard (haven't done mine yet), nobody is the wiser. 

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  • My mom and I both had tummy tucks - hers with lipo and mine without. My recovery was definitely much easier and faster without the lipo, much less swelling, etc. BUT if you do want lipo eventually, I think you'll be glad in a year that you got them both out of the way at the same time 🙂

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  • Do it all now. The post-op pain from lipo lingers longer than just the TT or BA, but you will be much happier with the results! Plus it’s cheaper to do it all at once.

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  • I’m scheduled for mommy maker over with Lipo as well on November 20th. Similar to how you feel I think it is best to just have it all done at once. There is no doubt that the pain and discomfort may be worse it could be harder to go back and complete the procedure. I too have felt more worried about what others will say and I think being a part of this community helps me to feel proud of my decision and not be afraid to admit it if someone asks. Good luck with your upcoming surgery! 

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  • I had my Mommy Makeover w/ lipo in Dec 2018, so about 10 months post op. I was on the fence as my Dr. offered it but said it wasn’t necessary. I opted for it at the last min as I figured, they’d bring the best results.  I had nearly three weeks off work and wasn’t fully healed when I went back but I eased into it.  Recovery is hard and slow regardless so might as well get it all.  I’m very happy with my results and no one has noticed the difference except close friends who’ve known me and my journey.  Also we had a revision at 6 mo, small outpatient lipo to fix scar on side of hip that wasn’t sitting right, it was outpatient and free since I opt’d for lipo with the surgery. I had 385cc unders, full tummy tuck and minimal lipo for shaping. 

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  • I would personally do it all at once and get all the recovery over at one time rather than recover and regret not getting the lipo and have to go back through recovery again. And because its cheaper to do it all at once. I haven't gotten mine done yet but definitely plan on getting the lipo, I've worked so hard to get my body as close as I can and knowing I can get the best results vs not being sure puts my mind at ease to just get it over with. Definitely dont want to go under more than I have to! Im nervous about going under as well so one time is enough for me lol

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  • I’m doing all 3 on dec 6th... BA Tt and Lipo. I don’t want to get the TT and then still be unsatisfied with my tummy. I want a big wam bam and I’m done ;) can’t wait to see and hear about your results 

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  • I'm booked to do it all on Oct 22...coming up fast. I've never had surgery or been put under and have the same fears as you. I know so many women that have had it done and keep reminding myself that if they can I can too!! If I'm going to be in pain I want the best results. Also getting BL/BA with 400cc gummy bears. 

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  • Also getting TT BA w/lift n lipo Oct 15 ... I did so much research b4 and found so many stories of this being the best results. Go big or go home ! Can’t wait 😊 

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  • First....Congrats and good luck!!  It’s so exciting!!!!!  Don’t stress about what your coworkers will think, this is about you and you feeling good about yourself not what they think.  I run around my work giving them a count down of Nov 5th BL BA and TT with lipo.   Everyone just laughs at me and excited for me or jealous whatever it is I’m soooo excited.  I’m confident in my team for every safe measure they will take.  I go in fall asleep as a Pinto and come out wake up looking like a Curvy Corvette😂😂.  Keep your eye on the positive things don’t even give your mind to anything negative , saying a prayer 🙏🏻 For your nerves!!!!

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