3 dpo worried they are too big

I was a small B before surgery (I breastfed two babies) and my surgeon convinced me to go for 450ccs instead of 400ccs the morning of surgery and I’m wondering if I went too big. It feels weird having my arms brush the side of my boobs. Will they get smaller?? They are so big it’s strange. They look fine in a bra I guess but without they look so fake 😐 

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  • They look great! You are swollen.When they drop and fluff they will be even more perfect!

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  • This is all normal to feel! I went through the same feelings. What you see right now is all swelling, the implants are not even where they are supposed to be yet. They will drop over time in their pockets and swelling will subside over time. It’s a slow process, hang in there! 

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  • I think they will be just fine when they settle and the swelling goes down. They won't be so pronounced at the top, which always helps them look more natural. Give those gals some time. :)

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  • Not too big. As the others have said... they will definitely go down.  You are swollen and the skin hasn’t relaxed. Soon you’ll be wishing for BIGGER haha!  


    The swelling will go down and then you’ll drop and fluff and also you’ll get more used to them. By 4-6 months you should have more of an idea. 

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  • Oh my gosh thank you guys so much! I've been so worried about it. This makes me feel SO much better. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff!

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  • I think they look fantastic! I am in the same boat with worrying about them being too big. Constantly going back and forth between lower 400's to 450 because I want big boobs, but I would probably cry if I ended up a DDD. I would be totally happy with DD's tho. I have a short torso so I'm afraid if I get too big they will make me look chunky.

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  • Omg they look amazing and I’m not into big ones! I totally think the are modest and they don’t look too big, I think they will absolutely relax a Lot esp since you are only 3 dpo (and have I mentioned they look amazing!)

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    • ELA omg thanks so much!! I’m not into big ones either. I think I just need to breathe and allow myself to adjust to the new change. I’m so used to not having boobs! This is a life change for sure.

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