400 cc High Profiles

Hi everyone ! 

My name is Morgan and I am scheduled for a B/A on Nov 4th. Im super nervous!!
I will be getting 400cc HP implants under the muscle with a dual plane approach. I am 5'4 120 lbs and am starting out with an small A cup. If anyone out there with similar stats wants to share their before/afters that would be awesome ! 

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  • Hi! I'd recommend getting a  very good understanding from your PS on how much fullness up top that you'd want. High-profile implants can give women who have A and B cups a pushed up look. I personally didn't want that and didn't do enough homework to understand what I was getting into (I went with 300cc ideal saline implant high profile, started as 32b and am now 32d). I am having a revision surgery to go smaller with 235cc but this time using moderate plus HSC silicone implants. I really prefer as little as possible fullness. 

    Good luck!! 

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  • Marigold Airplane  I was always worried of being to big but also worried of being not being big enough. I went to 2 consultations and tried on the sizers. 400 seemed to look best. High profile because I need the narrower implant. Really hoping for great results 馃馃徎馃馃徎馃馃徎

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  • Hi I'm 5'4 110lbs work 12bwd(important when choosing implant size)

    I just got 434 mod plus 2.5 weeks ago. I went with the biggest my surgeon was comfortable  with. I was a 32AA before. 

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      Dgros looking good for 2.5 weeks ! My BWD is also around 12-12.5 

  • I am 5鈥2 145lbs I was maybe on a good day a 36B cup before and now I鈥檓 a 36E. I was deflated from breastfeeding, and did not get a lift. I got 470cc ultra HP silicone dual planed. I went with UHP because I had excess tissue that already gave me side boob and with a moderate shape it would just accentuate that.  

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  • 5'1 110lbs at surgery 5/23/19 (currently 120lbs) and went with 450cc hp smooth round silicone under the muscle. I have before and afters on profile if interested but this is as of today :)

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  • Hi Morgiiee

    I鈥檓 5鈥2鈥 120lbs i had a deflated 32c cup (but it鈥檚 because my breasts are a bit wide for my size, I could prob fit in a B if they weren鈥檛 so wide compared to my rib cage size...) I got 400 cc HP mentor round under the muscle. They perfectly fit my body. (In my opinion). I have a lot of pictures on my profile. 


    Trust your surgeon and make sure you know what end result you want. I have very natural looking breasts with HP. It depends on how much elasticity you have and your BWD. My measurements are 11.5 R and 12 L and the mentor 400cc HP has a diameter of 12.2. 

    Don't stress too much, if you like the surgeon you chose than you should trust him/her! ;) 

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  • My stats are similar to yours. 5鈥3.5鈥 113lbs small A cup (approx volume ~130cc which is only 1/2C 馃槶). Breast width is 11.6L and 13.9R so my dr recommended 365cc full profile natrelle. I tried on the sizers and thought they were too big looking in the mirror so I tried on 325 and liked those better but am thinking I鈥檒l stick with the 365 cuz why not. My date is 10/25. I鈥檓 so nervous but definitely ready. 

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