From AA to C/D (still not 100% yet)


Hey ladies! I just figured I'd post some of the progress from my boob journey so far. 

I had my BA done july 16th and got 345CC Natrelle HP silicone unders. I started as a AA and so far i fit comfortably into medium wireless bras for sizes C-D.  Im about 7 weeks post op with my 3 month photo/ follow up appointment in the end of October. I've had some small issues throughout my recovery but nothing that hasn't resolved itself. I was also very uneven and square for a while. My left is still being a bit stubborn and isn't dropping as much as the right but i was told if it's still an issue at 3 months, we'll do what we have to do (which isn't that bad because I've already discussed switching for a larger size at 3 months)

But so far, I'm still so happy i did this. The first picture will be my pre op boobs and then my most recent photo.

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  • You look great!!!!! 

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    • Mishy223 thank you! 

  • You look awesome!

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    • Torey thank you! 

  • They look so good!!

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    • Kaitsuke thank you! 

  • Beautiful!! 

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    • BoobieLove thank you! 

  • They look wonderful!

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    • Cpawin thank you! 

  • Asymmetry is pretty normal up until 3-4 months. You will be amazed at the changes you will see at 6 months PO! They look great! I have my recovery pictures on my profile from preop- one year PO

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    • Haley Danielle thank you! Yes im hoping it makes its way down over the next few weeks. Your results look amazing by the way!

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