Low profile, right profile?

I’m 5’8”, 185 pounds with an hourglass figure despite my large frame (pretty sure my bones are at least a size 8).  I have a breast lift with augmentation and a tummy tuck scheduled in 11 days. Unfortunately, I’m still not convinced I’ve chosen the right implant for me. I’ve currently chosen Natrelle Inspiration Cohesive low profile 340 cc’s. My current 38Cs are deflated from breastfeeding, especially at the top and look small on my wide chest. I chose the Cohesive implants because I have a serious lack of upper poll fullness. I chose low profile because my breasts are far apart and I wanted less space between them. But now I’m thinking the low profile won’t have much projection and will just make my chest look wider.  I want a very slightly augmented look and would like them to be rounder and wider on the bottom. Anyone out there with similar stats? If so, What did you choose and are you happy?

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  • If I were you I'd choose at least a moderate profile! Maybe even moderate plus

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  • Were somewhat similar. Im 5'11" 150 lbs, and have nothing in my upper pole (thanks kids!). Im doing 485cc, full profile. My doc said even with the fullest profile i wont have a very augmented look due to the shape of my current breasts (aka: deflated). Oh and im doing soft touch silicones, one step below the most cohesive. The 485 sizers didnt look big on me at all, because even though i am very thin,  i have a large frame. 

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  • I would decide which is more important to you, the projection, or the attempt to try to fill out some of the middle cleavage area 

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      Haley Danielle good point. Thanks 

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  • I have similar stats I’m 170 lbs 5 8” and I’m a wider set chest. I had zero upper pole I was borderline needing a lift. I got 650 cc high profile and I’m very happy 

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  • Low profile will not give projection or an augmented look at all for you. They are not cute. Sorry  😐. I would go with moderate, or a higher volume full profile implant by Natrelle. Moderate would get you some cleavage and full profile, in a large volume, and cohesive will get you upper pole. Please see your PS again. 

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  • I have similar stats. 5'7" 180# i went with natrelle inspira 650ccs. Started with a 34/36 a/b now a solid 36dd. Also had no upper pole from breast feeding. I have pics in my profile. 

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  • I’m 5'6" 195# and I was a 38D prior with a BWD of 17cm. I have HP saline implants overfilled to 670cc on both sides. He did HP because the mod+ would have been too wide with no projection on me. As mine are dropping they are still separate like they were prior. I would worry that the CC you want might not be noticeable if you are already a 38C?? 

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