Is it swollen, or is it a CC



I got my BA done aug 8 my right is 375 and left which is circled is 400cc I'm starting to worry that my right seems like it's dropping and rounding out at the bottom and my left is still squared off and looks smaller even though that's the larger implant.. do you have any advise? I have my 2 week po appt this Wednesday but I'm letting my nerves get to me.. thanks! 

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    • Susan
    • Mild tuberous. 34AAAAA haha. 37 years old. 169cm tall (I guess that's 5'6), 68 kg. Natrelle 560cc. Boob birth 3rd July 2019
    • Susa
    • 6 mths ago
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    Hi. I would not worry if I were you. You are just 10 days post op. I was much worse and it was due to the inflammation. I would think it is completely normal. Type frankenboob in the search box and you will see you are not alone, it seems to be part of the healing process for many of us. 

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  • Do not worry! This looks gorgeous.  It's going to change SO much.


    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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  • Hi there! I think you were in my orientation group!!!! You handled business quickly, girl. I have done a ton of reading and looking at pics; from what I can tell, this is to be expected this early on. They look awesome!

  • From what I've read on here, you're WAY too early for it to be capsular contracture. They'll look a bit odd ("Frankenboob") for the first while.

  • To me you look totally normal for being 2 weeks out.  I’ll be posting pictures soon but my left side has 300 cc and my right has 350. My right breast is still definitely higher and hasn’t dropped as much so it looks a lot smaller even though it has the bigger implant in it. My theory is that if you have more breast tissue on one side that side it’s gonna look a lot bigger even though it has a smaller implant in it until the implant on the other side drops.  Really, truly, try not worry. I know it’s super difficult not to, though. 

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