Surgery in two days! Contemplating on canceling😳🤦‍♀️


Hi everyone! 

I’m needing some advice, I’m the mom of three girls and step momma to another sweet girl and very smart young boy and I am so worried that by me wanting something for myself is going to take away from things that I could give them. My surgery is in two days, and I’m so close to canceling. The money that it costs to have the breast augmentation is weighing on my heart😳! Has anyone felt like this and if so did you go ahead and have them? How did you feel afterwards if you did? Or did you still feel like you were letting them down? 

Im barely an A and work out a decent amount. I have always felt self conscious in a bathing suit or when my husband and I are intimate. I hate that I’ve wanted this so long but now feel like I shouldn’t do it. These are a few of me and my family... I guess I just want to feel like a women and is bigger breast going to help with that or will I feel like I was selfish afterwards? 

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  • Hey! You are not alone! SO many women have felt this way. I will tell you, I am 6 months post op and I would do this again in a HEARTBEAT!! ❤️❤️ You won’t regret it. And I also have 3 daughters. It was time for momma to do something for herself. ❤️ You got this!

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  • I highly recommend you find Terra on here and read her post titled “Mothers guilt”. She offers a really well thought out perspective on this very topic. I understand how you feel even though I myself am not a mother but the way I see it you can’t pour from an empty cup! This is a decision only you can make and if it’s going to give you more confidence and generally make you feel better about yourself whether it’s out in the public or with your husband intimately, it very well may be worth the cost. Moms deserve to treat themselves now and then. You spend all your time, energy and money providing for your family. Don’t feel guilty about wanting to do something for yourself now and then. Just my perspective. Best of luck! 

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  • I felt the same way!  I thought about other things I could spend the money on, but - in the end - decided that I had a right to do this.  And, it sends a good message to our children (esp girls) that they have the right to think of themselves sometimes.  I love my new breasts and am so happy I went through with this decision.

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  • I, too, struggled with this for a long time and is the only reason I waited so long to do it(that and I’m cheap). My boobs were never to the point that I was upset at the sight of them or anything, I’ve just always wanted boobs to even me out. Ive worked hard most of my life and always spend the extra on kiddos. After spending $1200 on my gifted program oldest to play JV baseball his freshman year of HS and have him get pulled from the team bc his grades were terrible-despite many warnings/offering of help, I decided to go for it. Why not ‘waste’ money on myself? I KNOW I’ll appreciate it. 

    I have 2 boys-15 and 7-and they really are great kids. They both knew about my surgery from the get go. Afterwards, when I asked them independently why I got them(for fear I was sending some message about women and their bodies) they both said,” Because you wanted them?” And the 7y/o added, “Aaaaand yolo...” and looked at me like,”why not?”

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  • I am going through this myself. My surgery is scheduled for the end of August. I have three boys, and me and my husband make a very modest living. My surgery is going to cost a little over $11,000!!!! I am getting physically ill over how selfish I am being. We could do so much with that money. On the other hand I have always wanted this surgery, and I am very insecure about my boobs. I have worked really hard the last few years, and saved the cash to pay for the entire procedure. The only way I can justify this decision is by reminding myself that I don't do much for my myself, and that I can teach my kids that if they want something bad enough it is possible to make it happen with enough patience, planning, and working toward the goal. 

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  • Your kids seeing you confident and happy in your skin is priceless. Yes the upfront cost is high but they're going to last a long time so it's really an investment in your happiness. I used to only wear clothes/bikinis that hid the fact I was small chested, now my daughter (6) can pick out whatever she wants mommy to wear and i don't cringe. Heck yes I would have rather spent the 3700 on stuff for her or a trip for the family but then I'd still be insecure. Now if we go on a family vacation I dont feel like a 12 year old with a man and kid, I look like a woman with her family 

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  • I'm going through the same thing myself but I keep coming back to the fact that I've wanted it for so long. It is a hard decision. One that some regret and many do not regret. But ultimately it is our decision. I myself will probably go for it but up until that point I will still question whether I'm doing the right thing and if the money would be better spent on my family. Not that they are going without by my doing this....but def guilty feelings of how it could be used for a vacation or something. I am sure you made the right choice whatever it ended up being.

    P.S. you and your family look very familiar. I've seen you somewhere, I know it!

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      B. Kind nevermind,  lol, I realized I thought u looked like someone on a reality show I used to watch. Right down to the pics of your family. So strange. 

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  • What did you decide to do, and how do you feel about it now? 

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