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Hi Dr. I had a BA in mid April - went from a very small a to a full c with natrelle silicone. I’ve been so happy with my results... ffw to last night. Was having some fun with my hubby (sorry tmi - this was like average sex nothing crazy or overphysical! ) and afterwards, I had stood up and was touching my breasts for some reason and holy smokes - lumps and bumps and ripples underneath my breast all of a sudden (above my crease incision, underside of my breast). And on one side it almost feels like my implant is hanging over my crease more if that makes sense. The bubbling and palpability of the implant is much more so if I bend over. It almost feels like the implant is falling out (of the pocket?)!  I have an appt my with surgeon on Thursday And am wondering what to expect. They look pretty normal except the β€œhanging over” issue I described. No pain per se but sort of uncomfortable / slight burning on the one side. Would appreciate your thoughts. They had been perfect and smooth and wonderful prior to last night!  I’m so sad and terrified they might be ruined! 😬

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  • Good morning.  Doubt you ruining anything.  Hard to know what may have happened. Implant doesn't really fall out of the pocket at this point unless you had a complicated implant exchange then (say from over to under the muscle).  Let us know what he/she thinks.  All implants look bad bending over at a 45 degree angle with shoulders together in bathroom mirror FWIW!!  You'll see every imperfection of them especially in very thin women. 

    I would be honored to see you at my office in Raleigh, NC!
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