5’8” 150lbs, 300-400ccs lift and ba

Scheduled for tomorrow morning. Anyone else also have a lift? Would love to know what to expect re: recovery. I have two babies and am very nervous about recovery. 

getting somewhere between 300 and 400 silicone unders 

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  • I am 7 days post op with a BL and BA. You will need a lot of Family support with the little ones especially the first couple of days as the anesthesia is wearing off. After, you will be restricted on working out the upper body which would include picking kids up.... 

  • Hi I’m 4 mpo from BA/BL. I would say recovery isn’t too bad. Just a lot of soreness and pressure. You may feel a weird vibration or like shock/pinches that’s normal. Nipples will be super sensitive so I used nipple cream (for when breastfeeding) it helped some. I took  my pain meds the first 2 days and then after that I only used them at night in conjunction with my muscle relaxer to help sleep better. I went back to work 4 days post op and it wasn’t bad at all. I felt more like myself about 2 weeks after minus lifting things. Everyone is different just take your time and listen to your body. 

    One thing I will say is when you see your incisions don’t be alarmed and give them time to heal!

  • Congratulations! I’m excited for you! I had my BA/BL a week ago and I totally agree with the ladies above. The first couple days can be a bit rough, but the tightness was the worst for me, no incision pain. I only had pain meds, no muscle relaxers...and also was able to quit taking them a couple days after...but I was also instructed to do arm raises (just out in front and up slowly) and I have had no issues with arms and moving around...I feel great for being a week out. Just do as your PS tells ya and listen to your body I think is the best. My kiddos are a bit older so I’m thinking for you if yours are little just take it easy on the picking them up and stuff and protect your incisions for a few. I also iced the mess out of them...that helped a lot with the swelling. I also slept in a recliner with a neck pillow...was able to get up and down better that way. You’re going to do great!! I’m happy for you! 

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