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Hey everyone! I am new to surgery in general and a bit nervous/excited to embark on this journey of a breast augmentation. I am currently in graduate school and I graduate next year so I was planning on doing them after I graduate because I can’t afford any downtime with classes/clinicals. I am 26 turning 27 next month and 5’3” between 113-120 range at the moment. I have always known I wanted a BA but thought about waiting till after kids due to all of the changes your body takes on throughout pregnancy etc. but on the other side of it I want to actually enjoy my body while still young. So that was my first contemplation of when to get it? Another is of course the size, I am leaning towards silicone highly cohesive, I am currently a B-C (on a good day haha) I thought about high profile but I don’t want them to look extremely big or fake but I don’t want them super natural as I’m paying a lot of money for them. Ideally I would like a happy medium of the augmented/natural look. Not even sure if that is possible 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways I would love to get yalls help and opinion on what ones to get based on my stats or how much they drop etc! Thank you guys!!

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  • Browsing for Boobies yay!! I'm finishing up grad school too and got mine after I finished my dissertation proposal as a reward :) so worth it! I took a week off from my clinical site, but I wish I would've taken more! It was a harder recovery than I expected. I got under the muscle 495 responsive gel and I love them. I'm 5'3 and 135 lbs. I'm 5 months post-op now and they are still settling in I think! My doctor told me it can take up to a year. I was probably an A before and I think a DD now :) When I first got them they were super full on top and had the really high fake look, but now they are more round and 1/2 natural 1/2 fake looking I would say! 

    • Blue Spring thank you for responding! I can’t wait to be done with school! So congrats on you finishing up! Such an accomplishment! How did you make your choice with sizing? Also do you mind sending me photos of your before, after and now? I hear this saying of “drop and fluff” and I am unsure of what that means or how you choose an implant before you know how your will drop etc 

  • Oh hey! I just graduated graduate school too! Haha what a club! My surgery is December 2nd

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