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Hi everyone!  New here and really seeking out some helpful advice. I am scheduled for BA in April - with 400 ccs.  I am 5'7, 135lbs - also have had 4 children and breast fed. Before kids I was probably a 34b - after breastfeeding my now 3 year old for 18 months - I am a deflated 34A. I had two consults with the same doctor to make sure I was comfortable with the sizing of the 400 cc's, brought my husband to the second as well. We are both in agreement we think the 400 cc's are a good fit for me. What I am questioning now is the profile. I had told my doctor that I wanted the more natural look, not into the "fake" round look. So she told me she thought that the moderate profile would be the look that I would want - but after searching out over and over, and seeing that they do drop maybe I should consider moderate plus?  I do want some cleavage. I am not sure - I know that everyone is different, but any one out there with similarities that could help shed some light for me? Would be greatly appreciated. Advice and/or  pics would be super helpful!!

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       mine said something very similar. We're going with 450 mod+ And he said that would still give me the fake, big and round look I want, with cleavage and will be noticeable. He said lots think you need HP or UHP to get that look, but it depends on so many factors. With my breast shape, he said I'd end up with cones if I went HP

  • Mine are 475 on the right and 450 on the left and i have HP silicone under the muscle. Mine look very natural. I can show you pics if youโ€™d like 

  • I'm very small framed but I want big boobs, so my ps suggested Extra full profile for me. I'm getting 560cc soft touch extra full profile under the muscle. 

    It all depends on the look you want. 

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