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Hey yall 😊 I just recently joined after watching every youtube video and every before and after picture on Dr. Davis & Pyles website and ended up here from watching Eden's video. I have been wanting and researching on mommy makeovers for 2 years. I know certain I want one, my husband says I am beautiful but I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin. We have 2 beautiful and amazing children together and I wouldn't trade them for anything. The only big thing holding me back is the recovery. Our children are small, my husband is a lineman and works out of town everyday, sometimes can't come home for weeks at a time. I do have other family members willing and able to help me, but can anyone tell me honestly how long it would be before I could lift my children? Drive one to school? How long is the actual process of healing I guess. I feel so guilty wanting to do this because I know my children depend on me and I am also really funny over them. It sounds crazy but I am just as attached to them as they are to me.. but I am literally staring myself down before every shower, hating my body and hating getting dressed and even having sex with the lights on. I weigh myself almost every day and I don't even know why I do this to myself. My husband doesn't understand it, and I appreciate his unconditional love for me but DAMN I hate my upper body lol my children are 6 and 3, I am 5'5 and currently 145-147 pounds. I am on and off dieting and working out. I feel like I lose focus because my belly will not change without surgery but also my core muscles are torn so I always look pregnant. I've lost the desire to work for my goal because I just feel helpless. I breast fed too so theres that too lol I'm currently a 34B/C. Any advice or motivation or really anything would be so much help ❀

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  • I don’t have first hand experience to answer your question.  I too have little ones.  I’m going to bump your post in hopes someone will share their experience.

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    • Tryingtodecide Thank you so much. That's so thoughful ❀

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  • I am just a few days out (my surgery was Monday). Everyone has different recoveries and i thought that since I bounced back after both childbirths pretty easily and that I’m an active/fit person that I would be okay - I totally underestimated the help I would need! 

    My kids are 5 and 8, the 8 year old has helped the 5 year old out a ton. But they weren’t home the first two days (they were at their dads) and my boyfriend took two days off of work to help me. And by help - I couldn’t sit up or lay down alone, pull up my pants alone, push the open button on my water bottle πŸ™ˆ it was rough!! 

    My the third day I did feel much better and my kids are home - but I’ve had to arrange friends to pickup from school (I thought I would be able to drive by Friday). Don’t be afraid to Arrange and ask for help- it has gone by fast and I feel like the worst is over. 


    And so far - I absolutely don’t regret it! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜ the worst part really flew by and I carefully packed my kids’ lunches today and am getting back to normal. Hugs, momma!

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    • Mhayes09 Thank you so much. I appreciate the honesty and advice! I'm pretty active as well, Im also afraid I wont be able to be "the fun mommy" for a long time πŸ˜” 

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  • I’m pretty close to your stats and I feel the same. Have you started to talk to plastic surgeons yet? I’ve talked with 2 so far and am going to talk with a 3rd next week. 

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    • CandyO im going for my first consulation less than a month from now. Ive been really excited about wanting this done for the 2 years Ive been researching it but now that I have an appointment literally just to talk about it Im scared lol

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  • I defenately recommend mommy makeover. It will change your life ❀️ It changed mine. You can see my pics... I also did loose a lot of weight so I had a ton of extra skin.

    My makeover was made two years ago and next week I’m going to get implants done.  I had tommy tuck and breast lift with small liposuction. This cost me only about 100-200 € as it was done in regional hospital.

    Yes first week was hard but recovery went really well for me. I had my hubby to help me and it was christmass time so we had holiday.

    My boys where 6 and 8 at the time and I told them what was happening and why they couldn’t hug and squeez me. They took it really well. At first I was looking quite terrible and I did not want them to see me naked. (Here in Finland we go to sauna all together as a family and yes we are naked πŸ˜†

    While recovering I was using corset every day for about 4 months. You can see pics of my tommy tuck journey here. πŸ€— 

    Feel free to ask about my mommy makeover. 😊

    And good luck to your journey! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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    • Elle wow you look amazing! After my consultation I was planning on posting myself (before) as well, my husband and I are both unsure of my breast size πŸ˜‚ hes also mentioned to me hes afraid he wont like "the feel" of new boobs lol (hes never felt fake ones, I mean neither have I so I cant really tell him anything lol) Is thos surgery going to change me for life as far as what I can do? By that I mean we stay VERY active. We are always running or riding down bumpy long paths Im scared my boobs will hurt or get messed up from the jumping.  It sounds crazy but I am so afraid I wont be able to enjoy the things we do as a family anymore if I do this. I may be over thinking this. But I know its major surgery and Im so afraid I will regret it even to feel better about myself doesnt mean as much to me as the things we do for fun as a family if that makes sense. Thank you so much for listening and all the experience you've already shared!

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    • MommyBearHunter by riding, I mean we ride 4wheelers and we go camping and hunt bear. Theres always alot of running and the paths we take when trail riding are bumpy and muddy and I dont want to trade our lifestyle for comfort. As bad as I want to feel good about myself because it bothers me so much, I couldn't trade in what we do for fun as a family for it. 

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      MommyBearHunter I haven't had my BA yet but from what I do know, once you're healed you can do all of that with no problem. I feel the same way and do the same things (weigh myself every day, lose hope after working out for months at the gym, quit, start over again, etc.). My breasts bother me the most, and my surgery is in Dec. I spoke with my surgeon about a MM but she said my muscles (stomach) are almost like I never had kids (I've had 3). So I dont need a TT. I could benefit from lipo though. I got lucky. But the fat on my love handle area just does not go away, no matter what. Diet, exercise, nothing works. It's so frustrating. I'll probably get the lipo when I do the BA (at least love handles, maybe thighs too). Go for it. You wont regret it. 

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